Charging Solutions

For Business

Recharge your business and your bottom line with charging solutions for customers and EV drivers. Many electric vehicle drivers plan their days around their range, but with EVgo, the need for careful planning is rapidly diminishing as we expand our network with our regional and national partners.

Retail Freedom Station® Services

The Freedom Station® charger is for retail property developers, owners, and managers who want to show a commitment to sustainability and energy independence while attracting passionate new customers. EVgo makes it easy: We handle all the details, minimize costs, and conduct ongoing maintenance.

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Utility Companies

Leverage the experience of EVgo to quickly bring reliable electric vehicle charging to your customers. Together we can build the nation’s largest fast charging network—faster.

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Other Properties

Don’t see your business or market? Feel free to contact EVgo for more information about our charging solutions and plans for your future charging infrastructure, today.

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EVgo Markets

We’re enabling electric vehicles to travel farther than ever before through our fleet of universal electric vehicle fast charging stations—with 165 sites in California and even more in major cities across eighteen other states and counting.

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Charging Options

DC Fast Charger

Voltage: 480V DC Fast Charger available at all EVgo Freedom Station® sites Charge rate: Up to 150 miles per hour or about 80% charge in 30 minutes* Requires a DC port on your EV

*Estimate based on charger output of 44kW and a vehicle mileage of at least 3.5 miles per kWh.

Level 2 Charger

Voltage: 240V AC Charging rate: Up to 24 miles per hour Four times as fast as a Level 1 charger

*May require a dedicated circuit.