EV Fast Charging

Is Good for Every Business

Retail owners, property managers, government, utilities, and ridesharing, EVgo charging stations help businesses increase their bottom line.

EVgo Has the EV Fast Charging Solution for Your Business

EVgo provided over 40 million miles of emissions-free electric driving in 2017. We saw a clear trend of increasing demand for public fast charging, as evidenced by large increases (over 80%) in energy delivered to drivers on our network in 2017. This trend outpaces EV sales growth in the US, which were up 26 percent Year over Year.

As more long range electric vehicle options come to market and deliveries strengthen for EV’s, such as the Chevy Bolt, Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model 3 and BMWi3, the need for a fast charger at a variety of locations continues to rise.

Retail, Owners and Property Managers

For commercial, retail, and residential property developers, owners, and property managers who want to attract new customers, increase revenue, and increase the value of your property, we invite you to join the nation’s largest public EV fast charging network with the best Plugshare scores and customer service track record. We own, operate and maintain the chargers for their duration on your property. EVgo will help you navigate every step of the process including adding, removing, and upgrading stations as needed, so you never lose valuable real estate with unused spaces.

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Government and Utilities

Whether you oversee the management of a law enforcement office, a state transportation office, an employment development office, department of water and power or the operations of an entire city, EVgo has the expertise and experience to ensure your fleet management runs at maximum efficiency, overall costs come in under budget and you meet federal sustainability requirements

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Fleet and eMOBILITY

EVgo Fast Charging Stations help increase fleet operation efficiency and profitability. EVgo works with federal, state, utility and private fleets across the country, ensuring they have the infrastructure to keep up with emerging regulations, while also taking advantage of grant, incentive and rebate programs.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“For us, it was a no-brainer. EVgo had a lot of expertise and had a really developed business model. We could continue to reinvent the wheel, but the collaboration made a lot more sense.”

Mary Powell, CEO, Green Mountain Power

“We brought in EVgo chargers because customers care deeply for the planet and demand cutting edge environmental technology.”

Tristan Coffin, Energy and Environment Coordinator, Whole Foods Market Northern California

“Partnering with EVgo is an excellent opportunity to build on efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the campus while supporting the state’s clean energy goals.”

Gary C. Mathews, Vice Chancellor of Resource Management and Planning, UC San Diego

If you’d like to host an EVgo Fast Charging Station at your place of business to enhance it’s value and increase revenue, Contact us Now.

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