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Join EVgo, with access to the nation’s largest public DC fast charging network with plans that meet your L2 and fast charging needs for on-the-go charging.

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Cutting edge DC fast charging at a Fast Charging Station helps attract new customers while displaying your dedication to green initiatives.

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Fast Charging is just a swipe away.

Download the EVgo App to start charging on the largest fast charging network in the country.

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  • Start charging with a simple swipe
  • Locate and Navigate to chargers
  • Filter chargers to see the stations compatible with your car
  • Favorites Save your favorite charging spots
  • Real-time Charger Status: Available, In Use also set and alert
  • Charging history check out your charging log
  • Billing review your current bill, see your past bills

The Power Of The Network

EVgo empowers you to take charge of your range. We’ve put steel in the ground and established more public DC fast charging infrastructure than any other provider. What does that mean to you? It means nothing is out of reach, no destination is too far, and no EV is left behind. Clean and efficient electric vehicles are the future of daily driving. EVgo is charging forward and changing the way tomorrow moves. We’ve enabled electric vehicles to travel more than 12 million electric-powered miles through our fleet of universal fast-charging locations in dozens of states, with more charging stations coming online weekly.

Nearly Full Charge in Less than Half an Hour

“For us, it was a no-brainer. [EVgo] had a lot of expertise, and had a really developed business model. We could continue to reinvent the wheel, but the collaboration made a lot more sense.”

- Mary Powell, CEO, Green Mountain Power

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“We brought in EVgo chargers because our customers care deeply for the planet and demand the cutting edge in environmental technology.”

Tristam Coffin, Energy and Environment Coordinator, Whole Foods Market Northern California

“[Partnering with EVgo] is an excellent opportunity to build on efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the campus while supporting the state's clean energy goals.”

Gary C. Matthews, Vice Chancellor of Resource Management and Planning, UC San Diego

“Every problem or question we’ve had, EVgo has responded fast, instantly, within the same day.”

– Driver feedback

“There’s no question that EVgo was the way to go.”

– Driver feedback

“I am saving 40% to 50% per month in fueling costs.”

– Driver feedback


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