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EVgo is America’s Largest Public Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Network. With over 1050+ chargers in 66 metropolitan markets, EVgo fast charges more drivers, more miles than any public charging network.

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EVgo provides EV fast chargers to commercial, retail, state and local government, fleets and other businesses. EVgo chargers help property owners attract new customers, increase revenue and increase the value of their property.

Fleets and Rideshare

EVgo powers ride-share, car-share, autonomous and governmental fleets, among others. We offer access to our public EV charging network as well as private charging hubs tailored to our partners’ needs.

EV Charging 101

DC fast charging empowers you to charge your battery electric vehicle (BEV) quickly, conveniently, and on-the-go. Why Charge in hours when you can charge to near full capacity in under 30 minutes? Have more questions? Curious on which vehicles work with DC fast charging?

Level 1 Charging

Up to 2 miles, 30 minutes

Level 2 Charging

Up to 10 miles, 30 minutes

DC Fast Charging

Up to 75 miles, 30 minutes

Check out our EV Charging 101 and get all the EV charging information you need including how to fast charge your EV, charging etiquette, where to find EV charging stations and a whole lot more.

Why EVgo?

EVgo is the nation’s leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging. For more than 7 years, we have supported the large and rapidly growing EV market with our corporate-owned and operated stations, consistently winning the best Plugshare scores in the country. EVgo makes fast charging your electric vehicle (EV) simple. It only takes a few seconds to plug in, start charging and take the next 30-60 minutes to eat, shop or relax.

EVgo is the largest public DC fast charging network in the nation. With over 1,000 fast chargers in 66 markets, you can find an EVgo electric vehicle charging station near you. With the goal of ensuring every EV driver has affordable, public fast charging easily accessible to them, we're adding 1-2 new public EV fast charging stations to our network every 6-8 weeks.

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