EVgo Fast Charging Pricing

Choose from two easy plans that put YOU in the driver’s seat at more than 800+ EVgo fast charging locations.
Pay As You Go

Standard per-minute pricing
No fee, no commitment

Fast Charging Rate

Session Time Limit:

60 Minutes

Save 10% off our per-minute rate
Best value for regular charging

Fast Charging Rate
Minimum charging commitment of $7.99 month to unlock membership rates

Session Time Limit:

60 minutes

Price valid on EVgo Network only. Other fees may apply for out-of-network charging. Rates effective February 12th, 2019. Unregistered customers can also walk up and pay by credit card at the charger. Credit card fees vary based on location.

All EVgo Plans Include:

24/7 Customer Service

No Service Fees for Partner Roaming

No Idle Fees

No Session Fees

Level 2 Charging: $1.50/hr

Start and Track Your Charging Session with the EVgo App

Detailed Charging History

No Commitment. Cancel Anytime.

Nissan Energy Perks By EVgo

Get a $250 charging credit when you purchase or lease a new Nissan LEAF!
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Welcome Tesla Drivers

Great news! Fast charge your Tesla S/X/3/Y with EVgo today!
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EVgo Fast Charging with Uber!

EVgo has convenient charging to help you charge fast and earn more!
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Partner Roaming by EVgo

EVgo drivers can access 30,000+ chargers with with no roaming fees.
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BMW Charging Powered by EVgo

Receive a $100 charging credit if you purchase or lease a qualifying, new fully electric BMW model!
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Pricing FAQ

  • What is included with the $7.99 monthly Membership plan?

    EVgo's $7.99 monthly Membership plan includes the first 25 to 34 minutes of your charging activity every month, depending on your charger locations. Members are guaranteed per-minute rates which are at least 10% lower than our standard pricing rates.

    The monthly Membership plan is the most cost effective option for drivers who charge at least once per month. If you charge less frequently, our Pay As You Go standing pricing plan may be more cost effective as your charging minutes included with Membership do not roll over from month to month.

    What is included with the $7.99 monthly Membership plan?
  • How long can I charge at an EVgo station?

    EVgo fast chargers can charge your EV typically 90-120 miles in about 20-30 minutes. Drivers on the EVgo Membership and Pay As You Go plans can charge up to 60 minutes at all EVgo fast chargers. Level 2 chargers have no time limit.

    Note: if no one is waiting and you’d like to initiate a second charging session, you can do so through the EVgo app or Program Card. Please keep in mind that once you reach an 80% charge, your vehicle's battery will slow down the rate of charge.

    How long can I charge at an EVgo station?
  • After I sign up with EVgo, when can I start charging?

    You can start charging immediately after signing up with the EVgo app, just plug in and initiate a charge from your phone! You will also receive a program card in the mail within 5-10 business days.

  • Which forms of payment do you accept?

    If you’re a first-time EVgo customer, we encourage you to download our app to set up your membership account today. New, unregistered guest customers can pay by credit card at the charger if the station has a credit card reader. If the station does not have a credit card reader, you can contact customer support at 877-494-3833, and they can initiate a charge for you. Credit card fees may vary based on location. Check your local charger for the most up-to-date pricing.

    Which forms of payment do you accept?
  • What is Partner Roaming by EVgo?

    Partner Roaming by EVgo offers EVgo drivers the convenience of accessing more than 30,000 chargers with no roaming fees and less hassle when you’re on the go.

    EVgo account holders can continue to charge at any of EVgo’s more than 800 fast charging locations and more than 1,000 Level 2 chargers – while now also enjoying the additional flexibility of roaming access on partner charging networks. And all with the ease of the convenient EVgo app and best-in-class customer support you already know and trust.

    EVgo continues to rapidly expand our network – on average, we are opening more than one new fast charging station per week.

    What is Partner Roaming by EVgo?
Regional Fast Charging Rates

Access More Than 38,000 Public Chargers

With an EVgo account, you can enjoy access to even more chargers, with no roaming fees, and less hassle when you’re on the go.
Access More Than 38,000 Public Chargers

Fast Charging at Your Fingertips with the EVgo App

  • Find chargers

  • Check availability

  • Swipe to charge

  • Monitor your charging session

  • Update your account

  • And more…

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