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Solutions for Government & Utilities

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EVgo understands the complexities of building EV infrastructure

With more than a decade of experience owning, operating, and maintaining one of the nation's largest public fast charging networks, EVgo is here to provide reliable charging solutions.

Best Practices for National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI)

The document below outlines best practices for state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and their partners when administering the recently announced $5 billion NEVI program.

EVgo Is a Partner and Thought Leader

With more than a decade of experience building charging infrastructure, EVgo has best practices to ensure a smooth and mutually beneficial partnership. To learn more about our best practices, visit Connect the Watts™ .

State Agencies

EVgo has best practices for state agencies to accelerate EV infrastructure deployment.


EVgo has best practices for coordinating with utilities throughout the site design and installation process.

Permitting Agencies

EVgo has best practices for the permitting process from the federal to local level.

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Committed to Accelerating EV Adoption

EVgo is bringing the electric vehicle charging infrastructure community together to identify and deploy best practices for charger deployment.

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Solutions for State Agencies

In the coming years, more than $8 billion will be invested in EV infrastructure from programs administered by government agencies through various sources. Our Connect the Watts™ initiative has five areas of program design to keep in mind:

  1. Deploy Funding Quickly with Multiple Funding Rounds

  2. Value Charger Locations with a Transparent Scoring Rubric

  3. Publish a Schedule and Stick to it

  4. Solicit Public Comment on RFP Design

  5. Allow EVSPs to Build at Risk

A Partner for Utilities

Connecting EV fast chargers to the grid requires coordination with the local utility throughout the site design and installation process. There are many steps along the way, and EVgo is an experienced partner for your infrastructure builds and co-branding.

To ensure project success, EVgo also offers five best practices via Connect the Watts™:

  1. Streamline the easement process

  2. Maintain utility equipment inventory

  3. Staff design and construction teams with EV infrastructure in mind

  4. Streamline the study phase

  5. Streamline utility design approvals.

Solutions for Permitting Agencies

EVgo partners with transportation, environmental, and municipal agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. Each of these agencies may have different requirements and familiarities with EV infrastructure, which is why we compiled seven best practices from Connect the Watts™ to expedite the process:

  1. Adopt an Online Permitting Process

  2. Offer Expedited Processing that Shortens Permitting Timelines for EV Charger Projects

  3. Waive the Requirement for Pre-Appointment or Pre-Approvals for EV Charger Projects

  4. Standardize EVCS Permitting Reviews

  5. Streamline the Administrative Process to Avoid Document Processing Delays

  6. Require Only an Electrical Permit for these Primarily Electrical-Oriented Projects

  7. Bring Policy Level Support for Equipment Placements.

EVgo's Partners Include

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality

Public Service Electric and Gas Co. (PSE&G)

Washington State Department of Transportation

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Green Mountain Power

The City of Sacramento

Communities Charging for Change

Best Practices for Electric Vehicle Market Transformation

EVgo has also developed a collection of white papers entitled "Best Practices for Electric Vehicle Market Transformation" designed for policymakers, utilities, and other allies in transportation electrification.

EVgo Has Charging Solutions for Your Fleet

With more than a decade of experience, EVgo understands the unique charging requirements of electric light-, medium-, and heavy-duty fleets. We work with you to customize solutions that maximize operational performance and future proof your electrification plans as you scale.

How EVgo Gets Sites Up and Running

EVgo manages everything, from permitting and installation to maintenance and industry leading customer care.

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Site Design

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Ongoing Maintenance

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Customer Care

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EVgo Is Powered by 100% Renewable Energy

EVgo's RECs (renewable energy credits) fund clean power projects across the U.S.