Fast Charge Your EV in 3 Easy Steps

Plug In
IconPlug In

To get started, open your EV's charge port and from the charger choose the appropriate connector.

Plug your connector into the charge port until it clicks firmly into place. (*Click!*)

*Drivers of Tesla Models 3/X/S/Y can also fast charge at any EVgo location using a CHAdeMO adapter or using the Tesla connector at EVgo locations in San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA and Seattle, WA. Learn more >

Swipe to Start
IconSwipe to Start

To initiate your charge, swipe right on the EVgo app screen. You can also use your EVgo program card or your own credit card to initiate a charge.

Once the charger is activated, your screen will show that the charger is in use.

Now you’re free to run your errands, grab a bite to eat, or enjoy a short break from your day.

Note: You'll need to set up an account with EVgo to initiate a charging session with the app or program card. Most EVgo stations also offer the option of a one-time charging session with credit card payment.

Charge Up and Go
IconCharge Up and Go

When you’re ready to hit the road, return to the charger and stop your session on the screen.

If your session ends before you get back, you will receive a mobile alert.

Push the button forward to release the connector and replace the connector in its holster.

If you have any questions or need help, call the EVgo Charging Crew for 24/7 support at (877) 494-3833.

How Far Can You Drive on a 30 Minute Charge?

The EV controls the speed of the charging and once charging begins and the battery warms up, EVs typically draw the maximum flow of kilowatts available from the charger in which the EV's battery is designed to handle. The charger will hold this rate for as long as possible, though it may drop to a more moderate speed if the vehicle tells the charger to slow down so as not to compromise battery life. Once an EV’s battery reaches a certain level of capacity, usually 80%, charging slows significantly.

Fast Charging at Your Fingertips with the EVgo App

  • Find chargers

  • Check availability

  • Swipe to charge

  • Monitor your charging session

  • Update your account

  • And more…

Check to make sure you have the latest version of the EVgo app

Device Preview

Three Easy Ways to Pay

There are 3 different ways you can pay to charge. You can use the EVgo app, your program card, or a credit card.

Program Card
Program Card
EVgo App
EVgo App
Credit Card
Credit Card
Learn About Pricing Options

Access More Than 38,000 Public Chargers

With an EVgo account, you can enjoy access to even more chargers, with no roaming fees, and less hassle when you’re on the go.
Access More Than 38,000 Public Chargers