Fast Charge Your EV in 3 Easy Steps

Choose your Charger and Plug In

Choose your Charger and Plug In

Open your EV's charge port and select the appropriate connector from the EVgo app or charger screen.

Plug your connector into the charge port until it clicks firmly into place. (*Listen for the click!*)

*Drivers of Tesla Models 3/X/S/Y can fast charge at any EVgo location using a CHAdeMO adapter or the built-in Tesla connector at select EVgo stations.
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Tap to Start Your Charge

Tap to Start Your Charge

To initiate your session, tap the EVgo app screen. You can also use your EVgo program card or your credit card to initiate a charge.

Once the charger is successfully connected to your car, the charger screen will show that your session has begun.)

Note: To initiate a charging session with the app or program card, you must have an account with EVgo.

Charge Up and Go

Charge Up and Go

When you’re ready to hit the road, return to the charger and stop your session on the charger screen.

If your session ends while you’re away from your car, you’ll receive a mobile alert.

To disconnect your car, push the button forward to release the connector and replace it in its holster.

If you have any questions or need assisstance, call the EVgo Charging Crew for 24/7 charging support at (877) 494-3833. You can also visit our Help Center.

EV Charging Help Is A Call Away

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