Customer Support FAQ

EVgo has answers to many common account related questions.

Man looking at his phone while charging his electric vehicle at an EVgo fast charging station
I would like to use your network but I have not yet signed up for a plan – can I still charge at an EVgo station?

Although we encourage EV drivers to become members, either via our Pay As You Go plan, our EVgo Membership plan, or our EVgo Plus with reduced charging rates, customers can also pay for an individual charging session with a credit card. Download the EVgo app or contact our 24/7 Customer Support team at (877) 494-3833 to execute a credit card session.

Visit our Sign-Up page to view the plans available in your area and sign up for an account.

How do I pay for charging?

1. Open an account with EVgo using a valid credit card to use the EVgo app.

2. Swipe your credit card at the kiosk or on the credit card reader attached to the front of the charger.

3. If there is no credit card reader, call Customer Support at 877-494-3833 for assistance.

How do I open an account?

Visit our Sign-Up page to view the plans available in your area and to sign up for an account.

How much will I pay to charge my car?

Pricing will depend on the region you charge in and the type of plan selected. Please go to our Sign-Up page to check out our current EVgo plans in your area.

How do I view my account information?

Login to the My EVgo Account.

In the upper right corner of the screen, click on Profile > Profile
The profile section allows you to view/update the following:
-Personal Info (excluding email address – you must contact Customer Support to change your email address)

-Change Password

How does the Pay As You Go plan work?

With the Pay As You Go Plan, you can charge as often as you like with no monthly membership fees!

Visit our Sign-Up page to view the plans available in your area and sign up for an account.

How do I find an EVgo charging station?

You can find all of our public charging stations, along with our partner stations, on our website and in the EVgo app, via Plugshare, Waze, Goggle and Apple maps.

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How do I charge with my EVgo program card?

To charge using your EVgo card, follow these simple steps.

-Locate a charger using your EVgo app or the EVgo map.
-Drive to the station
-Press the screen to select the CCS or CHAdeMO connector that’s right for your vehicle
-Pick up the connector
-Insert the connector into your vehicle
-Press the start button on the charger, swipe your program card at the charger, or use the EVgo app to initiate your charge
-Swipe the program card on the charger
-The charger will now check to see if you have a successful connection
-Power flow to your car will begin
-If you have signed up to receive alerts, a notification will be sent to you that your car has started a charge

How do I stop a charge and disconnect?

It is very simple to stop the charge and disconnect from our chargers. You can stop the DC fast charge via the screen on the charger by hitting the stop button. Also, the DC fast charger will automatically stop after a 30-60 minute session has been reached or your car is at full battery capacity. Our Level 2 chargers will stop if you remove the connector from your car or your battery has reached full capacity.

If you are having trouble stopping a charge or disconnecting from the charger and need help, call our customer support team at (877) 494-3833.

The connector is stuck in my car.

If you want to disconnect the connector, first ensure that charging is stopped via the charger screen. If you cannot disconnect the connector, then you can try the following tips:

The car needs to release the connector. If this is not done automatically, you can use the remote of your car keys to lock and unlock the car doors. In most cases, this will release the connector.
It could be that the connector can not be unlocked due to the weight of the cable that blocks the unlock mechanism. In that case, it helps to support the cable when you unlock the connector with your car keys.
If you cannot disconnect the connector, contact Customer Support at (877) 494-3833.

Help! I’m having trouble charging.

We strive for an amazing customer experience at each EVgo station; however, should you need to reach us regarding the functionality of a charger or other problems with your charging session, please contact our friendly Customer Support team, 24/7, at (877) 494-3833.

I'm at a charger that has EVgo Reservations. Can I still use the charger if it’s not reserved?

Absolutely! If the charger is not reserved, you can start a session using the EVgo app or your EVgo program card.

How can I charge without my program card?

If you arrive at an EVgo station without your program card, you can always call customer support at 877-494-3833 for a remote start. You can also start a charge using the EVgo mobile app. Click here for more information on how to use the EVgo app.

How do I activate my EVgo program card?

There are two ways to activate your EVgo program card:

Visit My EVgo Account, go to 'Profile', and select 'Cards'. Click 'Activate' in the 'Sent' box, add card number, and click 'Activate card'.

In the app - log in, click on the three bars in the upper right corner, select 'Cards', select 'Sent', select 'Activate', enter your card number, and click 'Activate'.

How do I change my email address?

To change your email address, contact Customer Support at 877-494-3833 or, submit a ticket.

How do I charge with a credit card?

There are currently two options to pay when using a credit card, either directly on the unit or at a credit card kiosk.


·      Go to the station

·      Select the connector you’ll be using from the screen on the charger

·      If you are using the credit card option on the charger, follow these steps

·      Select the payment type

·      Swipe your credit card

·      Enter the necessary information which will show on the screen

·      If you are using the credit card kiosk, follow these steps

·      Plug the correct connector into your vehicle

·      Swipe the credit card at the kiosk

·      Select the charger you’re using on the kiosk

·      Select the correct connector on the kiosk

·      The charger will either automatically start the charge, or you will be prompted to start the charge on the kiosk

·      Power flow to your car will begin

If you have signed up to receive alerts, a notification will be sent to you that your car has started a charge

How do I charge with the EVgo app?

Use the EVgo app to find the nearest available charger and select that station.
If you need directions to the station, select the map icon at the top.
-Go to the station.
-When you arrive at the station, select the appropriate connector for your vehicle from the EVgo app.
-Insert the Combo, Telsa or CHAdeMO connector you selected into your vehicle
-Swipe to the right on the app to start the charge.
The charger will now check to see if you have a successful connection. Power flow to your car will begin. The app will now show you are charging your vehicle.
If you have signed up to receive alerts, a notification will be sent to you that your car has started a charge.

Learn more about the EVgo app.

How do I log in to My EVgo Account?

Login to the My EVgo Account:

  1. Click here

  2. Type in your user name and your password (the credentials are the same for both the portal and the app)

  3. Click 'Login'

  4. Once logged in, the app will find the closest charger near you

How do I navigate My EVgo Account?

Once logged into the My EVgo Account, you can do the following:

-View charges and export charge history
-Add, edit or delete members on your account
-Activate, reassign, suspend and report lost or stolen program cards
-Add, edit or delete vehicles
-Adjust your text, email and app notifications

On the upper right side of the screen, click on Account > Account
The account section allows you to view, change or terminate your billing plan.
Limits & Settings displays your anniversary date, otherwise known as your enrollment date.
For billing purposes, your anniversary day is when your billing cycle closes, your invoice is generated and your payment is processed for both Pay As You Go and Membership plans.
View, edit or delete your payment method.
*Note: You must add a new payment method before you can delete a payment method.
View and download your statements (up to one year prior)
View detailed billing transactions (up to one year prior)
*Note: you can also download the statement for each billing transaction.

How do I make a payment to my account?

EVgo offers same day billing for our customers charging activity. Monthly fees on the EVgo Member and EVgo PlusTM plans will be billed once per month. We will notify you by email when this transition takes place.

To make an additional payment on your account, contact Customer Support at 877-494-3833.

How do I close my EVgo account?

We hate to see you go but if you must, to close your EVgo account, contact Customer Customer Support at 877-494-3833 or submit a ticket.

I have an EZ-Charge card and want to use the EVgo network. How do I sign up?

Visit the EZ-Charge website to register your card. The Nissan No Charge to Charge program ended July 7, 2019. However, if you purchased your vehicle prior to this date, you are still able to register for the program. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at (844) 392-4274.

To activate your EZ-Charge card you must first register at You may then select EVgo as one of the networks you would like to use and can follow the link to register with EVgo. If you have already activated your EZ-Charge card, simply log on to the EZ-Charge website and select EVgo to enroll with our network.