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Power up With kWh and Time of Use (TOU) Pricing

With kWh pricing, charging costs are based on the amount of energy your EV consumes, not the amount of time you spend at the charger.

In addition to charging by kWh, TOU pricing means that costs vary based on when you use energy.

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What Will This Mean For Me?

By transitioning to TOU pricing, EVgo hopes to encourage energy conservation during On-Peak Hours (when electricity demand is higher), and encourage drivers who charge during On-Peak Hours to plug in during Off-Peak and Early Bird hours when there is less demand.

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Time of Use (TOU) Rates

View how kWh rates vary by TOU and per plan. Unlock lower charging rates by signing up with an EVgo subscription plan.

Charge only once a month and want to prepay? Try the
to add a $4.99 charging credit to your account each month.

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