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Enhance Your EV Knowledge!

EV101 is EVgo's knowledge center for all things "electric vehicle." Join us as we learn more about this new technological revolution that's only just beginning! Your curiosity is welcome here. When you're ready, test your EV knowledge below!

EV101: Charging Basics

What is an electric vehicle? What do "kWh" and all these new terms means?

EV201: How Does an Electric Vehicle Work?

Follow the journey of electrons from en EVgo charger to your EV.

EV301: How Does a Fast Charger Work?

Learn how fast chargers can charge EVs in as little as 15 to 45 minutes.

Coming Soon!

Articles From Our Blog:

How Does Fast Charging Work?

Learn more from EVgo's Systems Engineer Jeremy Whaling about how fast charging is different from other types of charging.

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5 Things That Affect Your Charging Speed

Charging your EV is a little different from filling a car with gas. Learn about the different factors that affect your charging speeds.

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5 Cold Weather Tips for EVs

Owning an EV in cold weather is a little different from a gas-powered car — but not by much. Learn how to maximize your EV's range when it gets chilly outside!

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Test Your EV Knowledge

Once you feel confident in your EV knowledge, test yourself below:

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