Largest Public EV Fast Charging Network

With more than 800 EV charging stations, EVgo unlocks the benefits of Electric Vehicles for every driver in the country.

The EVgo Network Leads the Electric Vehicle Charge

EVgo is the largest public fast charging network for electric vehicles in the country. EVgo owns and operates more than 800 fast charging locations and more than 1,000, Level 2 chargers in 67 metropolitan areas.

Why EVgo? 150,000+ charges a monthWhy EVgo? 220,000+ EV customersWhy EVgo? 98% uptime


As the owner and operator of our stations, EVgo provides the best driver experience in the industry. Drivers go further on EVgo charged vehicles than any other public network. Learn more about EVgo here.

Find a Fast Charging Station on the EVgo Network

Our chargers average an up time of 98%. Most of our stations contain DC Fast 50kW chargers, which can charge a low battery to nearly 80% full within 30 minutes. In some markets, we also have Level 2 chargers, which charge up to 25 miles per hour. In 2018, we opened our first 350kW station connecting Southern California to Las Vegas. EVgo has the power to charge any EV on the market today.

Find the closest charging station for your electric vehicle with our convenient map.

EV Charging Customer Service

Whether you want to know how to connect a fast charger to your car, you would like to connect via our mobile app or you would like to check the status of your account, EVgo provides 24/7/365 Customer Service. Please feel free to call us at (877) 494-3833 or email us at for charging session support of EVgo account assistance.

EV Charging FAQ’s

Finding the right charging solution for your EV and your lifestyle can seem daunting enough. When it comes to rapidly developing technology, it’s good to ask questions. Take a look at our EVgo FAQ’s to find your answer. If not, please feel free to contact us.