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EV Charging Etiquette

A few tips on courteous EV charging

4 Tips for Clean Charging Trips

4 Tips for Clean Charging Trips

Did you know that you can stop and start an EVgo fast charge using your app? No need to touch the charger screen! Find more ways to minimize contact and stay safe at the charger in our video.

3 Tips for Shopping Trips

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Be a considerate member of the EV charging community! Three simple etiquette tips for courteous fast charging, including: (1) only park in an EV charging space when you're actually charging, (2) use the EVgo app to monitor your charge should you decide to leave your vehicle, and (3) switch to an L2 charger once you've hit an 80% charge. And, of course, please remember to follow your local health and safety guidelines while charging!

We Are Part of a Community

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Like you, we care about the environmental benefits of driving with zero emissions, the improved performance that EVs offer, and the consistent, reliable charging experience that only EVgo, as one of the nation’s largest public fast charging networks, can provide.

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More Than 280 Million Electric Miles

EVgo has powered more than 280 million electric miles to date — that's more than 11,000 times around the earth!
More Than 280 Million Electric Miles