Charge With EVgo

The Largest Public DC Fast Charging Network

Why EVgo

EVgo provides a great deal of value to our customer base. Not only do we have the largest public DC fast charging network in the nation, but we provide affordable pricing plans to charge your vehicle, an app that allows you to find a charger and swipe to start a charge at any of our stations. In addition, our driver portal allows you to update your account information as well as have access to your billing and charging history. We also offer unique programs for our automaker partners BMW and Nissan. With a goal of ensuring every EV driver has affordable, public fast charging easily accessible to them, we’re adding 1-2 new public fast charging stations to our network every 6-8 weeks. We continue to strive to provide the best customer service not only to our chargers, but to our customers. With the continued expansion of electric vehicles on the road we are committed to keeping you charged.

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EV Charging 101

Fast charging an EV is easy! You can easily fast charge your electric vehicle at one of EVgo’s 1,000+ public EV fast chargers in over 66 metropolitan markets. If you would like to know how to fast charge your electric vehicle, visit our EV Charging 101 section and find out all you need to know about EV public fast charging.

Easily Access Your Fast Charging Information

After signing up for an EVgo plan you have easy access to your account information. Our exclusive Driver Portal allows you to keep your account information up to date, check your charging history, sign up for a plan, add a member, choose your vehicle and view your billing transactions. Stay informed on a daily basis.

Fast Charge in Minutes, Not Hours with the EVgo App

The easiest way to find available stations, start charging and get updates when your EV is fully charged.

Find a place to Fast Charge

Locate an open EVgo charger instantly.

Start Fast Charging from your Phone

Start a fast charging session with just a swipe.

Track it All in One Place

Check your charge and billing history daily.

Fast Charging Etiquette

At EVgo, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to charge. We are sharing some of our best practices to get moving.

To plug into your EVgo fast charger and start charging follow this EV etiquette guide

  1. Park on the side of the correct connector for your vehicle.
  2. Make sure your vehicle is less than 50% at charge level.
  3. Our Fast Chargers are equipped for 45-60 minute sessions.
  4. Connect the CHAdeMO or Combo (CCS) connector. Take the connector from the machine, easily plug in to your vehicle.
  5. If using the app, you can easily swipe to the right to start the charge or use your Fast Charge card affiliated with your plan at the machine to start the charge.
  6. Use the EVgo charger for the 45-60 minute session then leave the space, so that other vehicles may charge.
  7. Note that if you do not need to charge that long, you should leave earlier to accommodate other EV drivers. Your vehicle will charge at a lower kWh if it is above 50%. It will not use the kWh fast charging capability, but will charge at a Level 2.
  8. Do not use the RED stop button unless you need an emergency stop.
  9. Should you use the RED stop button, please reset, by pulling the button out and twisting.
  10. Once you are done charging, replace the connector and leave the space for the next EV driver.
  11. If you need customer service assistance contact our customer support team at or call 1-855-509-5581.

EV Fast Charging FAQ

What’s the difference between a level 1, level 2 and a level 3 fast charger? How long will it take me to charge my Electric Vehicle? Where can I charge my EV? How much will it cost me to charge my EV? How far can I drive my electric vehicle after I charge it? If you ask yourself any of these questions, feel free to read our EV Fast Charging FAQ and find the answers you need.

Customer Service

EVgo provides 24/7/365 Customer Service. Call us at 855-509-5581 or email us at