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EV Drivers

The EVgo® network is synonymous with range confidence. Combining your desired tier of service with home, multi-family, and workplace charging solutions in conjunction with Fast Charging stations across the nation, electric vehicle drivers now enjoy a truly unique level of flexibility and a whole new world of possible destinations.

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Ready to enjoy range confidence with access to our Fast Charging Station network? Choose your plan to maximize your charging opportunities around town and beyond.

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We’ve enabled electric vehicles to travel more than 41 million electric-powered miles through our fleet of universal fast charging locations in dozens of states, with more charging stations coming online weekly.

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Charging Options

DC Fast Charging

Always present at our Fast Charging Station sites for rapid, on-the-go charging, and available for installation at select workplaces, residences, and retail locations.

Voltage: 480V DC

Charge rate: Up to 150 miles per hour*

Requires a DC port on your EV

*Estimate based on charger output of 44kW and a vehicle mileage of at least 3.5 miles per kWh.

Level 2 Charger

The most common and efficient charging option for your residence or workplace. Level 2 charging draws about as much current as a high-efficiency clothes dryer and can deliver a full charge throughout the course of a workday or healthy night’s sleep.

Voltage: 240V AC

Charging rate: Up to 24 miles per hour

Four times as fast as a standard outlet

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