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Increase fleet efficiency and lower overall transportation costs by having a dedicated EVgo charging station for your electric vehicle fleet.

EVgo Powers Utilities and Government Agencies Nationwide

A utility or government agency’s automotive fleet is vital to your efficiency and performance. It also makes up a significant portion of your monthly budget. For the past seven years EVgo has been working with Federal and State Agencies across the country to increase fleet efficiency and lower overall transportation costs while also helping them meet federal sustainability requirements.

Whether you oversee the management of a law enforcement office, a state transportation office, an employment development office, department of water and power or the operations of an entire city, EVgo has the expertise and experience to ensure your fleet management runs at maximum efficiency, overall costs come in under budget and you meet federal sustainability requirements.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

EVgo operates the largest network of public DC fast charging stations in the U.S. to date and is ready to use this experience to help you significantly increase your overall fleet efficiency.  EVgo has more electric vehicle DC fast charging infrastructure experience than any other EV Charging Company in the nation and can offer agencies and utilities the very best fleet management.

As you’ve probably experienced, DC fast charging infrastructure is significantly more difficult to design and implement than you anticipated.  Now you can take advantage of our expertise in location selection, construction and permitting experience, marketing, customer service, billing, and network operations.

Technical Experience

Established Partnerships

Superior Service

“For us, it was a no-brainer. EVgo had a lot of expertise, and had a really developed business model. We could continue to reinvent the wheel, but the collaboration made a lot more sense.”

- GMP CEO Mary Powell

Proven Success

Green Mountain Power (GMP) serves approximately 265,000 residential and business customers in Vermont. GMP aspires to be the best small company in America by empowering customers to save money and move to clean energy sources. GMP recognizes that the role of electric utilities is changing, and is focused on a new way of doing business to meet the needs of customers with integrated services, while continuing to generate clean, cost-effective and reliable power in Vermont. GMP is the first utility in the world to become a Certified B Corporation; meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. As the largest utility in Vermont, GMP aims to establish Rutland, Vermont, as the Energy City of the Future and position Vermont as a leader in the movement towards cost-effective sustainable energy solutions. In 2014, Vote Solar named GMP a Solar Champion.

Given Green Mountain Power’s commitment to be “customer obsessed,” increasing its customers’ ability to drive electric vehicles is an important goal. GMP knows that increasing the number and reliability of charging stations in the state reduces “range anxiety,” which is one of the leading barriers to increased EV purchases. These shared beliefs between GMP and EVgo have led to a partnership that positions Vermont as the first state with a comprehensive charging network that includes DC fast chargers and level 2 chargers. GMP was excited to announce its first EVgo fast charger in downtown Rutland. The Rutland City Mayor was the first Vermonter to charge his SMART car and begin the rEVolution in Vermont that has led to more EVs on the road. To date, GMP has installed six DC fast chargers and anticipates installing five more before the end of the year.

GMP looks for partners who are fast and effective and EVgo is that partner. EVgo operates the largest public DC fast charging network in America. Through their partnership with GMP, EVgo has provided the expertise and equipment to assist GMP in creating a personalized charging network that is co-branded GMP and EVgo. GMP purchases chargers from EVgo and EVgo provides GMP with installation best practices and assistance as well as maintenance. EVgo provides 24/7 customer service and marketing program management. EVgo was able to bring its partnership with Unilever to the table to get a GMP-EVgo Freedom Station installed at Vermont’s largest tourist attraction: The Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory.

EVgo worked with GMP to outline the qualities in a great charging location. This allowed GMP to target several sites throughout the State of Vermont. GMP wanted to use the chargers as an economic development opportunity for local businesses, so placement was very strategic. Chargers and installation training was provided by EVgo, while GMP was responsible for installation. EVgo was able to create a custom brand for GMP, where GMP is prominently featured on all charging stations and collateral. EVgo provides all remote maintenance, necessary for normal wear and tear, while GMP provides on the ground maintenance through one of their contractors. EVgo will soon be able to offer a driver app and an account portal for GMP customers.

Through this collaboration, GMP customers have access to a 24/7 call center provided by EVgo, and roadside assistance with EVgo’s partner Uber. EVgo customers have the convenience of selecting a low-cost monthly plan from EVgo or paying “at the pump.”  The chargers are fast, charging an DCFC enabled car 80% in just 20 minutes. The future is bright for Vermont thanks to the partnership between GMP and EVgo. Not only will more Vermonters be empowered to choose electric vehicles, but EV tourists from Canada and the surrounding northeast states will be encouraged to visit Vermont, as it is the only New England state fully traversable by EVs.