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Green Mountain Power

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Feb 20, 2021

EVgo and Green Mountain Power’s partnership demonstrates a model which combines the best of both parties; the utility was able to use its balance sheet and local knowledge to bring a comprehensive network to rural Vermont, while EVgo brought development expertise and host relationships that would have taken years for the utility to duplicate.

The result was a comprehensive, statewide Level 2 and DC Fast Charging network in operation years before any of its neighboring states.

Vermont’s Green Mountain Power, the largest utility in the state, is a unique utility: beyond being committed to a sustainable future, it is the globe’s first utility Certified B Corporation; requiring it to meet rigorous social, environmental, accountability and transparency standards and be committed to use business as a force for good.

And Green Mountain Power is a champion in its commitment to sustainability: the utility’s current energy supply is 94% carbon free and more than 63% renewable.

Self-described as “customer-obsessed,” in 2015 Green Mountain Power partnered with EVgo to build a statewide charging network to reduce EV range anxiety, one of the leading barriers to increased EV purchases.

The resulting co-branded EVgo/Green Mountain Power charging network made Vermont the first state to offer a strategically designed, comprehensive Level 2 and DC fast charging network.

In selecting charger locations, Green Mountain Power’s objectives were two-fold: map ideal locations to reduce range anxiety and maximize use, and support economic development for local businesses. EVgo helped Green Mountain Power map locations throughout the state to accomplish both.

To build the network, Green Mountain Power purchased chargers from EVgo. EVgo installed and maintains the chargers using best practices, as well as providing 24/7 customer service and marketing program management. EVgo’s team co-branded the charging stations for a personalized Green Mountain Power EV charging network

With range anxiety minimized, statewide EV adoption is increasing substantially. According to Drive Electric Vermont, in January 2020 there were 3,716 passenger EVs in the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles registration database, a 24% increase over the past year. Electric cars are also spreading across the state, and are now in 90% of Vermont communities.

With Green Mountain Power’s “customer-obsessed” EV charging vision and EVgo’s consistent, reliable charging network, Vermont continues to be a beacon for statewide EV charging support and EV adoption.