With over 140 stations, EVgo has more electric vehicle charging stations in the LA area than any other charging network. And even more in surrounding areas...Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino and Ventura.

Happy couple charging at EVgo

Charge your Tesla at EVgo in LA

EVgo welcomes Tesla drivers to fast charge at any one of our 800+ EVgo stations using your own Tesla CHAdeMO adapter, or the Tesla connectors available at select cities across the US, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and new cities being added in 2021.

How To Charge Your EV

Watch the How to Charge My EV Video!
Watch the How to Charge My EV Video!

To begin, open your EV's charge port and from the charger choose the appropriate connector. Plug your connector into the charge port until it clicks firmly into place. (*Click!*)

To initiate your charge, swipe right on the EVgo app screen. You can also use your EVgo program card or your own credit card to initiate a charge.

When you’re ready to hit the road, return to the charger and stop your session on the screen.

Get started today by using the EVgo app or EVgo.com to locate a Los Angeles charger near you!

EVgo Charging Stations In Other Cities

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