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EVgo Charging Plans


This is the best option for frequent DC Fast and Level 2 charging and values your time as much as your savings.

20¢ per minute DC fast charging*

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For frequent fast charging

Monthly fee $19.95
DC fast 20¢ / min.*
Level 2 $1.50 / hr.*
Contract 12 months
Setup fee None
Early termination $29


This plan is designed for those who charge their vehicles occasionally. It has no monthly fee and supports both DC Fast charging and Level 2 charging.

$1.50 per hour Level 2 Charging*

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Great for occasional charging

Monthly fee None
DC fast $4.95 session + 20¢ / min.*
Level 2 $1.50 / hr.*
Contract Monthly
Setup fee $4.95
Early termination None

Automaker Offers

EVgo has exclusive automaker offers providing drivers with special pricing plans. Click to check if you are eligible.

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*Charging times depend on electric vehicle. EVgo DC Fast chargers are limited to 30 minutes sessions. Price valid on EVgo Network only. Other fees may apply for out-of-network charging.