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DC Fast Charging

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Level 2 Charging


Level 2 Charging


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No Session Fee

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No Service Fees for Partner Roaming

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No Setup or Termination Fees

Price valid on EVgo Network only. Other fees may apply for out-of-network charging. Rates effective February 12th, 2019. Unregistered customers can also walk up and pay by credit card at the charger. Credit card fees vary based on location.

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Pricing FAQ

What’s included with the $7.99 monthly membership rate?

Your $7.99 monthly Membership includes the first 25 to 34 minutes of your charging activity every month depending on your charger locations. Members are guaranteed per-minute rates which are at least 10% lower than our standard Pay As You Go rates.

The monthly Membership plan is the most cost effective option for drivers who charge at least once per month. If you charge less frequently, our Pay As You Go plan may be more cost effective as your charging minutes included with Membership do not roll over from month to month.

Why does your per-minute rate vary by region or state?

EVgo aims to make driving your EV as cost effective as possible. Our costs are different in every market, depending on the price of electricity and other factors, so regional pricing allows us to pass along more savings to our customers than a standard, flat-rate for the U.S. Most prices are set at the state level, however California has four regions (click to see map), enabling us to pass savings on to our customers charging in regions with the lowest utility costs. Please note that the per-minute price is determined by the location of your charger, not your home billing address.

How long can I charge on an EVgo DC Fast Charger?

Membership and Pay As You Go drivers can charge up to 45 minutes at DC fast chargers. As a bonus, those with an EVgo Membership plan can charge up to 60 minutes during "off peak" hours (charges that initiate between 8:00 pm and 5:59 am local time). Level 2 charges have no time limit.

After I Sign up With Evgo when can I Start Charging?

You can start charging immediately after signing up with the EVgo App, just plug in and initiate a charge from your phone! You will also receive an RFID card in the mail within 5-10 business days. Download our App now!

What forms of payment do you accept?

If you’re a first-time EVgo customer, we encourage you to download our app to set up your membership account today. New, unregistered guest customers can walk up and pay by credit card at the charger, although credit card fees may vary based on location. Check your local charger for the most up to date pricing.

Note: All EVgo sites provide the ability for customers to pay by credit card, but credit card readers are not available on all chargers. There is a vendor software issue on the 150 kW ABB high-power chargers that is currently incompatible with credit card readers.

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