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Unpacking EV Cargo Space: Here's What You Can Fit in a Nissan LEAF

Jul 28, 2020

When it comes to the Nissan LEAF’s interior, there’s little that gets in the way of its ample cargo space. From charging your cell phone inside the compartment in front of the shift knob to utilizing the center console storage bin for paperwork, the LEAF makes it simple to find the perfect place for your items — no matter if you’re driving your daily commute or on a long-haul journey across town. But, to find out where the LEAF truly shines in the cargo department, we’ll want to take a trip to the rear hatch.

The Nissan LEAF boasts some of the largest amounts of carrying capacity in its rear when compared to many of the other non-SUV electric vehicles (EVs) in its class. Open the LEAF’s hatch door and you are presented with 23.6 cubic feet of cargo space and a low-lying floor behind the second row of seats — an immense amount of space that makes it a cinch to toss in your belongings or buckle up the kids and go. Plus, if you need a little extra room, you can fold the 60/40-split rear seats down to get an additional 6.4 cubic feet of space. That makes for a total of 30 cubic feet of cargo convenience.

With so much rear cargo space in the Nissan LEAF, you might be wondering just how much this roomy EV can hold. We’ve taken the guesswork out of discovering what the LEAF’s hatch can accommodate. Whether you have a massive grocery store haul or 1,436 venti lattes from Starbucks (can you say caffeine addiction?), we’ve got the inside scoop on Nissan LEAF cargo space. Yes, we did the math.

You Can Fit What in the Nissan LEAF’s Cargo Space?

From grocery bags to iPads, you can fit a whole lot of things into the 30-cubic-foot cargo space of a Nissan LEAF:

  • 47 Full Paper Grocery Bags
    It’s wise not to go to the grocery store hungry. But if your stomach is growling while you’re shopping, you can rest assured a LEAF will hold all the food you can eat and more. If your groceries are packed full in a standard paper grocery sack, a LEAF can hold 47 bags of food.

  • 19 Carry-On Bags
    If you and your friends or family are thinking about traveling soon, a LEAF can hold all the carry-on bags you need without batting an eye. In fact, it can hold a lot more carry-on bags than people. If your carry-on bags are within standard airline size requirements, the LEAF’s cargo space can hold a whopping 19 of them.

  • 2,555 iPads
    Who says having just one iPad is enough? If you’re in the mood to purchase a lot of tablets for your community, you can fit 2,555 iPads in the Nissan LEAF’s cargo space. Talk about a lot of tech!

  • 13 50-Pound Bags of Dog Food
    Your pup gets hungry, and the Nissan LEAF is here to ensure your furry friend stays fed for months. If you’re purchasing 50-pound bags of dry dog food from your local pet store, you can fit 13 bags in the back of a LEAF with ease.

  • 2,506 Nintendo Switch Consoles
    Obsessed with Animal Crossing? A Nissan LEAF’s cargo space can accommodate all the games you could ever play. Store 2,506 Nintendo Switch consoles in a LEAF’s rear storage area without breaking a sweat and become an Animal Crossing master.

Get More Out of the Nissan LEAF With EVgo

From an excessive amount of lattes to too many Nintendo Switch consoles to handle, the Nissan LEAF’s 30 cubic feet of total cargo space features plenty of room to hold whatever you need — especially practical items like groceries, dog food, luggage, TVs, and more. Rest assured, there’s plenty of room for those drives when the whole family is with you, too.

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