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Answers to 5 of Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

By Joe Gutierrez, Sr. Director of Customer Operations

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Jun 23, 2022

As the head of the EVgo Charging Crew, I’m here to ensure your charging experience with us is simple and seamless. From finding a station to plugging in, starting a charge, using our app, or answering any questions about your EVgo account, my team is available 24/7 to help.

To prepare you for the road ahead, check out our answers to our five most frequently asked questions.

1. How do I find the nearest EVgo station?

Whether you’re planning a road trip ahead of time or searching for a station on the spot, there are several ways to find an EVgo station in a specific location.

  • EVgo app

    If you don’t have it yet, download our app to access all its great features! The app can show you the closest available charger automatically using location services, but you can also search for all available EVgo chargers in your area and filter by connector, charger kW level, and more. The app gives you real-time charger availability and step-by-step directions from your current location to the station.


    The Find a Fast Charger tool on our website is another great resource. You can search by location, station name, or even charger name (did you know EVgo names our chargers?), and you can filter by connector type and charging speed. (You can even search your own name to see if we have your namesake charger!). Our tool will show you all the EVgo charging stations that meet your criteria, and you can often find images of our stations when you click the charger names—thanks to PlugShare!

  • PlugShare

    PlugShare is a community-driven resource that helps drivers locate charging stations across the U.S. and around the world. Using the PlugShare website or app, you can search using fields like connector type, charging speed and your preferred charging network(s). You can often find station photos and customer reviews, too. (You can help the EV community by uploading your own photos and reviews while you’re charging!) The PlugShare Trip Planner feature is another great way to find chargers along a specific route or within a certain range.

  • Onboard nav systems and maps

    Many newer vehicles include charging station info in their onboard navigation systems, so you can search while you’re out and about. You can also search for charging stations on Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze!

In addition to our 850+ stations nationwide, EVgo customers can also charge with our roaming partner network, which offers more than 46,000 level 2 and DC fast charging stations.

2. How do I start a charge?

  • EVgo App

    When you are at your charger, make sure the physical name on your charger matches the name on the app screen, select your connector type in the app, insert it into the charging port on your vehicle (and make sure you hear the click!). Then tap the Start Charging button to initiate a charge. The app will tell when your charging session has begun and if you’ve signed up for alerts, you’ll receive a notification when your charging session is complete.

  • EVgo Program Card

    You can also use the EVgo program card to initiate a charge. To use the EVgo program card, choose your connector on the charger screen, then insert it into your charging port. Press the start button on the charger and tap your card where marked on the charger. The charger screen will show you when your session begins.

  • Credit Card

    To use a credit card at a charger, select your connector on the charger screen, select your payment type, swipe your card, and enter the requested information.

3. How do I activate my EVgo card?

To activate your card on our website, log into your EVgo Account, select Profile, Cards, and click Activate, then enter your card number and click Activate Card. You can also activate your card on the EVgo app by selecting Program Cards from the menu and either enter the card number or scan the barcode.

Don’t forget to activate the card before your first charge—if you try to use an inactive card at a charger, your session will not initiate.

4. How do fast chargers work? How long do they take to charge my EV?

Put simply, EV chargers are power converters that transform the alternating current, or AC, supplied by your local power grid into direct current, or DC, to power your vehicle’s battery.

EV chargers are available in three levels. Level 1 charging uses a standard 120-volt household outlet, which supplies between 1.3 and 2.4 kW, providing roughly 4 miles of range per hour, or a full charge in 20+ hours. Level 2 charging often utilizes a 200-volt connection, outputting between 3 and 19 kW of power to provide 18-30 miles in roughly an hour or a full charge in five or six hours. Level 3, or DC fast charging, uses much higher voltage, delivering between 50 and 350 kW and can charge an EV up to 80% in about a half an hour.

EV charge time graphic

Although it takes longer to charge an EV than it does to fill a gas-powered vehicle, charging time continues to shrink as chargers become faster and more efficient. And, with EVgo fast chargers conveniently located at grocery stores, shopping malls, coffee shops, and restaurants, you can run a quick errand or grab a bite to eat while you top off or charge up completely.

5. Can two cars charge at the same time? Can I reserve a charger?

In some cases, an EVgo charger can only charge a single vehicle at a time. However, our newest equipment allows for two cars to charge using different connectors at the same time. If you see a “Simultaneous EV Charging” sticker on the charger, it means you can initiate a charge while another driver is using the same charger.

simultaneous EV charging
simultaneous EV charging

EVgo is also rolling out the ability to reserve a fast charger at select locations. Visit EVgo Reservations™ to find a list of participating locations or use the EVgo app to find chargers that accept reservations and view available reservation times. To reserve a charger, just choose one of the participating chargers, select your connector, and click Reserve Now. The charger will be waiting for you when you arrive!

These answers should answer some of your most immediate questions about EVgo and fast charging, but if you ever have a problem or need assistance of any kind, the EVgo Charging Crew is ready to help you anytime.