How to Reserve a Charger

View Availability
View Availability
See the locations below that offer reservations and use the EVgo app.
Reserve Now
Reserve Now
Use the EVgo app to reserve a charger.
Charge with Peace of Mind
Charge with Peace of Mind
Arrive at your chosen time and initiate a charge using the EVgo app.

About EVgo Reservations™

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Heading to the grocery store and want to make sure you can charge while you shop? No problem!

EVgo Reservations™ provides our customers with the peace of mind that a charger is available where they are going - when they want it.

EVgo Reservations Locations

Southern California


EVgo Reservations™ FAQ

How do I find a charger to reserve?

Use the EVgo app to find chargers that accept reservations. When searching for chargers use the filter feature to select chargers that have reservations.

*If the charger is already reserved by another customer at the time you are attempting to reserve, the app will not allow you to make the reservation.

How do I find a charger to reserve?
Where can I find the reservations I have made?

From the home screen, select the three bars (hamburger menu) in the upper left corner of your screen.  On the expanded navigation menu, select ‘Reservations’ to show your current and future reservations.  Tapping on a specific reservation (iOS) or tapping the trash bin icon (Android) will allow you to cancel your reservation. 

Where can I find the reservations I have made?
How long will the charger be held for me?

The charger will be held for 20 minutes after your reserved start time. If those 20 minutes pass without use, the charger will be made available for all EV drivers and you will be charged an additional $2 no-show fee.

How much does it cost to make a reservation?

There is a $3 fee to make a reservation. If a session is not initiated during the 20-minute grace period, there is an additional $2 no-show fee.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Yes. You can cancel an immediate reservation within the first 5 minutes of making it at no cost to you.

To cancel your reservation open your reservation from the ‘Reservations’ tab in the navigation menu. Identify the reservation you wish to cancel and tap to ‘Delete’ (iOS) or tap the trash bin icon (Android). 

You will then be prompted to confirm the cancellation, tap ‘YES’ to confirm or ‘NO’ to keep your reservation. 

Can I cancel a reservation?
Can I still use a charger if it’s not reserved?

Absolutely! If the charger is not reserved, you can start a session using the EVgo app or your EVgo program card.

How do I know if a charger is reserved?

The daily reservation schedule for the charger will appear after selecting the charging site from the map. 

If the charger is reserved, you will not be able to start a session, and the screen will say ‘Unavailable.’ 

How long is my reserved charging session?

All charging sessions have a maximum charge time of 60 minutes.

Are all chargers at the designated locations reservable?

During the pilot phase of this program, just one charger at each participating station is reservable.

How am I charged for the reservations fees? Do I need to have a credit card associated to my account?

Reservation fees are added to your account balance and will be billed along with other transactions at the end of your monthly billing cycle. A credit card must be associated to your account to pay the transaction fees. If no credit card is associated to your account, your account may be suspended until fees are paid.