EVgo is the Nation’s Largest Public EV Fast Charging Network

Who is EVgo?

EVgo is the largest public fast charging network for electric vehicles in the United States.  Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible and clean EV fast charging to individual drivers and fleets across the US.

EVgo has over 1,050 fast chargers at stations in 66 metropolitan markets across the United States, and we’re rapidly expanding.  In 2017, we provided over 1.1 million charging sessions to our over 75,000 drivers in our network.

EVgo is committed to a first-class customer experience that makes EV charging easy and fun! We own, operate and maintain our fast charging stations so that when you go to an EVgo fast charger, you know what to expect. We have an outstanding charger availability rate (over 94% up time in 2017) and a state-of-the-art customer call and service center.  Our user-friendly technology enables drivers to initiate charges and locate charging stations from their phones.


What is Fast Charging?

A fast charger powers a low battery to 80% full charge in just 30 to 45 minutes. This is at least 8 times as fast as overnight/slow charging.  More about fast charging


Where are our Fast Chargers?

Our fast chargers are located at easily accessible locations (e.g., retailer parking lots) in 66 metropolitan markets across the United States.


What is our History?

EVgo has led the way on public fast charging since our inception. In 2012, EVgo opened its first urban fast charging network in the US in Houston, Texas with 15 fast chargers. In 2013, we opened an additional 40 Fast Charging stations in Texas, California, and the Washington, DC metro area. In 2016, we opened our 800th Fast Charger. Today, we have over 1050 Fast Chargers in 66 metropolitan markets across the US. We continue to open more Fast Chargers and will open our first 350kW station in 2018.


Who is on the EVgo Leadership Team?

Our leadership team includes some of the most seasoned veterans and category leaders in the clean energy, construction, real estate, automotive, and policy arenas. See our leadership bios here


For Business

Retail Business Owners

For commercial, retail, and residential property developers, owners, and property managers who want to attract new customers, increase revenue, and increase the value of your property, we invite you to host an EVgo Fast Charging Station at your location and join the nation’s largest public EV fast charging network with the best Plugshare scores and customer service track record. EVgo will help you navigate every step of the process including adding, removing, and upgrading stations as needed so you never lose valuable real estate with unused spaces.

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For Consumers

Fast Charging Stations for you

You’ve finally purchased your EV and you’re not sure how to fast charge, where to fast charge or when to fast charge. We’ve got the answers to all your EV charging questions. Keeping it charged is no longer a challenge. Access fast charging stations built around you instead of building your life around charging your EV. EVgo fast charging transforms your driving experience with unrivaled range confidence.

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Get the latest information from EVgo and learn about the new ways EVgo is bringing chargers closer to you and getting you closer to your destination.

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EVgo, Charging into the Future!


Leading the charge of the electric vehicle revolution demands a team of seasoned growth leaders. Together, we’re working to cover the nation with a vast, accessible, and environmentally responsible EV charging network. Meet our team:

Cathy Zoi

Chief Executive Officer

Julie Blunden

Executive Vice President of Business Development

Christopher O’Donnell

Chief Financial Officer

Meet the Team

Mission Statement

EVgo is a leader in powering electric vehicles. EVgo’s mission is to unlock the benefits of electric vehicles(EVs) for every driver in the nation, providing affordable, accessible and clean EV fast charging to boost the economy and the environment. We put the right chargers in the right places.

Charging Plans

Get access to the nation’s largest public DC Fast charging network with plans that fit your charging needs. Choose the plan that works best for you.

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Comprehensive Coverage

With over 1000 DC Fast Chargers in 66 metropolitan markets, you can easily locate a charger near you by using the EVgo map. Charge on!

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