EVgo leads America’s electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

We provide charging solutions and stations directly to electric car owners as well as businesses looking to serve the EV charging needs of their residents, tenants, employees, or customers.

Combining your desired tier of service with home, multi-family, and workplace charging solutions in conjunction with the largest number of Fast Charging stations across the nation, EVgo provides EV drivers a truly unique level of freedom—and a whole new world of possible destinations.

The EVgo® network is the largest public Fast Charging network in the nation. From April 2014 to October 2015 our chargers provided enough kWh of electricity to power 12,323,090 EV miles. EVgo’s forward-looking infrastructure is invested across the country right now in more than 55 markets. EVgo drivers can access more than 1,000 charging locations, along with individual charging stations at homes, schools, offices, multi-family communities and hospitals across our growing network.

The EVgo® Network Keeps You Charging Forward


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Retail, Owners and Managers

For commercial, retail, and residential property developers, owners, and managers who want to show commitment to sustainability and energy independence while attracting passionate new customers, we invite you to join us by hosting charging infrastructure via a Fast Charging Station or Level 2 charging station. EVgo will help you navigate every step of the process including adding, removing, and upgrading stations as needed so you never lose valuable real estate with unused spaces.

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Charging Stations Built Around You

You’ve finally purchased your sporty and super-quiet EV; you’ve done the hard work. Keeping it charged is no longer a challenge. Access charging stations built around you instead of building your life around your battery. EVgo driver charging plans and manufacturer incentives transform your driving experience with unrivaled range confidence.

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Staying on top of exponential market growth is imperative as industries optimize EV performance. Monthly EV sales across the country doubled from March 2014 to June 2015 alone. Get the latest from a leader of the rEVolution and learn about the new ways EVgo is bringing chargers closer to you—and you closer to your destination.

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Taking charge of the rEVolution demands a team of uniquely talented individuals.


Meet the team at the wheel of the rEVolution. It takes all types to create a public network of green transportation powered by green energy. From the best in the business of power generation to pioneers of the original EV revolution, they’re green-minded, but no greenhorns.

Cathy Zoi

Chief Executive Officer

Terry O’Day

Vice President, Product Strategy and Market Development

Rob Barrosa

Vice President OEM Strategy & Business Development

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Mission Statement

EVgo leads America’s electric vehicle revolution. Our mission: build the nation’s largest EV charging network while improving the planet and boosting the economy. We put the right chargers in the right places. Together we unite the EV movement for all—making it unstoppable.

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Join the rEVolution with access to the nation’s largest public, DC fast charging network with plans for on-the-go charging. Choose the plan that works for you.

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EV Charging Station For My Customers

Cutting edge DC fast charging at a Fast Charging Station helps attract new customers while displaying your dedication to green initiatives.

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We’ve enabled electric vehicles to travel more than 12 million electric-powered miles through our fleet of universal fast charging locations in dozens of states, with more charging stations coming online weekly.

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