EVgo is the Nation’s Largest Public EV Fast Charging Network

Founded in 2010. EVgo’s mission is to unlock the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) for every driver in the nation, providing affordable, accessible, and clean EV fast charging to boost the economy and the environment. In December 2017 alone, EVgo powered over 100,000 DC Fast Charges), to over 50,000 EV drivers, in 66 metro areas, on 1,050, 50kWh DC Fast Chargers, powering over 4.8 million miles of travel. This saved over 1,000,000 gallons of gas and offset nearly 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide.

EVgo is the largest public fast charging network for electric vehicles in the U.S. As the owner and operator of our stations, EVgo provides the best driver experience and reliability in the industry. EVgo stations offer the fastest speeds available in public charging – up to 8 times faster than other networks. Drivers go further on EVgo than any other public network.

In 2012, EVgo opened its first urban fast charging network in the U.S. created in Houston, TX with 15 fast chargers. In 2013, 40 EVgo fast charging stations were located in Texas, California and the Washington D.C. metro area. We continued to expand through the years in various markets and in 2016, we opened our 800th charger. Today we have over 1050 chargers in 66 metropolitan markets and continue to one new station every 6-8 weeks.

Our chargers average an up time of 94%. Most of our stations contain DC Fast 50kW chargers, which can charge a low battery to 80% within 30 minutes. In some markets, we also have Level 2 chargers, which charge up to 25 miles per hour. In 2018, we will open our first 150kW station connecting Southern California to Las Vegas. EVgo has the power to charge any EV on the market today.

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For commercial retail, property developers and owners who want to increase retail traffic, revenue and property value, we invite you to join us by hosting charging infrastructure via a Fast Charging Station at your location. EVgo will help you navigate every step of the process including adding, removing, and upgrading stations as needed so you never lose valuable real estate with unused spaces.

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You’ve finally purchased your EV and you’re not sure how to fast charge, where to fast charge or when to fast charge. We’ve got the answers to all your EV charging questions. Keeping it charged is no longer a challenge. Access fast charging stations built around you instead of building your life around charging your EV. EVgo fast charging transforms your driving experience with unrivaled range confidence.

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You need strong leadership to manage the growth and demands of the electric vehicle industry and EVgo has the most talented leaders in the industry. Building out our infrastructure means continually building out our team. Meet the EVgo leadership team:

Cathy Zoi

Chief Executive Officer

Julie Blunden

Executive Vice President of Business Development

Terry O’Day

Vice President, Product Strategy and Market Development

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EVgo is a leader in powering electric vehicles. EVgo’s mission is to unlock the benefits of electric vehicles(EVs) for every driver in the nation, providing affordable, accessible and clean EV fast charging to boost the economy and the environment. We put the right chargers in the right places.

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Get access to the nation’s largest public DC Fast charging network with plans that fit your charging needs. Choose the plan that works best for you.

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With over 1000 DC Fast Chargers in 66 metropolitan markets, you can easily locate a charger near you by using the EVgo map. Charge on!

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