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Charging Program Benefits

  • One year of unlimited complimentary charging starting at date of lease or sale¹

  • Access to more than 850 charging stations located at convenient retail locations

  • Access to 24/7 customer support with the EVgo Charging Crew

Reliable Fast Charging Nationwide

EVgo provides access to more than 850 fast charging stations across more than 30 states and 60 metropolitan areas.

  • EVgo is one of the nation’s largest public fast charging networks

  • EVgo is powered by 100% renewable energy

  • EVgo also operates more than 1,200 Level 2 chargers across the nation

How to Access One Year of Unlimited Complimentary Charging

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Buy or lease a
new bZ4X

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Download the
Toyota app

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Sign up on

the Toyota App

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Charge at EVgo stations

with the Toyota app

EVgo: One Of The Nation's Largest Networks of Public Fast Chargers

EVgo: The Nation's Largest Public Fast Charging Network

With more fast charging locations coming soon!

See All of Our Locations

Discover the All-New 2023 Toyota bZ4X

Learn More about EVgo

Why We Name Our Chargers
Why We Name Our Chargers

Learn how our CEO, Cathy Zoi, came up with the idea to give each charger its own unique name

Learn More
EV 101: Charging Basics
EV 101: Charging Basics

Check out our Charging Basics page for the answers to all your electric vehicle related questions

Charging Basics
How to Charge Your EV
How to Charge Your EV

Watch our video for step by step instructions on how to charge your electric vehicle with EVgo

How to Charge Video

Charging FAQ

How do I sign up for the unlimited complimentary EVgo charging on the Toyota app?
  • Buy or lease a new bZ4X

  • Download the Toyota app

  • Sign up on the Toyota app

Why does my charging time vary so much?

The charging time depends on the charger you use, the voltage and current the car accept, the weather, and other factors. EVgo has fast chargers that range from 50 kW - 350 kW that can charge an electric vehicle's battery to 80% in 15 minutes - 1 hour. You can learn more about EV charging speeds in a blog by EVgo's senior EVSE Engineer:

How are EVgo fast chargers powered by 100% renewable energy?

Since 2019, EVgo has been the only EV charging network powered by 100% renewable energy. For every kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed on our network, EVgo purchases a corresponding kWh Renewable Energy Credit (REC) from an accredited REC supplier. EVgo drivers can be confident that they’re supporting clean energy and helping us tackle climate change with every charge.

What are some of our best tips for charging?

-If you are unable to activate a charge with your card or the app, try disconnecting and reconnecting the connector.

-Stop your charge when your battery is 80% full.

-Try to avoid letting your battery get too close to empty.

-Preserve range by using your EV's regenerative breaking.

EV Charging Help Is A Call Away

Contact our friendly and focused customer service team with all your EV charging questions.
EV Charging Help Is A Call Away

¹Available on Model Year 2023 Toyota bZ4X Vehicles only. One Year of complementary charging begins upon date of vehicle lease or sale, and expires one year from date of vehicle lease or sale. Non-transferable. Not available for commercial use, such as ridesharing, carsharing, delivery services or company-owned vehicles. Requires Toyota app account linked to EVgo Account, enrollment in bZ4X Charging Plan, and acceptance of Terms of Use. In the event of suspected fraud, abuse or violation of Terms of Use, EVgo may discontinue the offer in its sole discretion. Data usage and charges may apply. To learn more about Toyota's data collection, use, sharing and retention practices, please visit