How to Fast Charge with EVgo?

EVgo welcomes Tesla drivers to fast charge at any one of our 800+ EVgo stations using your own Tesla CHAdeMO adapter, or the Tesla connectors available at select cities across the US, including San FranciscoLos Angeles, Seattle and new cities being added in 2021.

We offer Tesla drivers several ways to fast charge with EVgo – Visit our EVgo stations equipped with an integrated Tesla connector (currently available in San Francisco, Los Angeles with more than 600 being installed in Seattle, Baltimore, San Diego, Denver, Dallas, Austin, Washington D.C., Salt Lake City and Miami).

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Charge with a Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter

1. Connect the CHAdeMO connector to the adapter by lining up the connector’s grooves (located on top) with the connector’s corresponding grooves in the Tesla adapter.

2. Push the CHAdeMO connector and adapter together until you hear a locking click.

3. Plug the Tesla connector into your vehicle so that it latches.

4. Initiate a CHAdeMO charging session using the EVgo app, charger touchscreen, EVgo Program Card, or credit card*.

(Register with the EVgo app and start charges right from your phone!)

Please note that the Tesla SAE J1772 charging adapter is not compatible with fast charging, but can be used at EVgo Level 2 chargers.

*At stations without credit card readers – contact our 24/7 Customer Support team at (877) 494-3833 to execute a credit card session.

Why Fast Charge Your Tesla with EVgo?

EVgo has the best operating record in the industry – more than 98% uptime – and consistently earns top consumer scores on PlugShare

More than 130 million people in the US live within a 10 mile drive of an EVgo fast charger

Charge faster, drive farther

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