Where to Charge with EVgo?

SF Locations with Tesla Connectors

How to Charge with EVgo?

CONNECT your Tesla vehicle using the Tesla connector.
START a charging session with EVgo app, EVgo program card or credit card.
RETURN the Tesla connector back to the charging station when session has completed.

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Why Charge with EVgo?

We're Reliable
IconWe're Reliable

EVgo's fast chargers have more than 98% uptime. We consistently earn top consumer scores on PlugShare from our more than 250,000 customers across the country.

We're Convenient
IconWe're Convenient

Over 115 million drivers in the US — and more than 80% of Californians — live within a 15-minute drive of EVgo's fast chargers. We own and operate 800+ fast charging locations in 34 states and 65 metropolitan areas— and we're more than tripling in size over the next five years.

We're Affordable
IconWe're Affordable

With no service fees, session fees, or hidden charges, EVgo offers two plans: a Pay As You Go plan (with no monthly fee), or a Membership plan (to unlock our lowest rates). We base our rates on regional utility costs, allowing us to offer the lowest possible rates in each area.

EV Charging Help Is A Call Away

Contact our friendly and focused customer service team with all your EV charging questions.
EV Charging Help Is A Call Away

Download and Drive On

Locate nearby fast chargers on your route with the EVgo app. One simple swipe starts your charge.

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