LA: Fast Charge Your Tesla  S/3/X/Y

Tesla CHAdeMO adapter located on side of charger

No Membership Required

EVgo Fast Charging

Where to Charge with EVgo?

Los Angeles Locations

Note: Tesla drivers with the CHAdeMO adapter can use all EVgo fast charger locations.



PUSH the CHAdeMO connector and adapter together until you hear a click.

CONNECT the CHAdeMO connector to the  adapter by lining up the connector's grooves (located on top) with the corresponding connector in the adapter.

How to Charge with EVgo?


PLUG the Tesla connector into your vehicle so that it latches.

No sign up required with credit card use at charger.

INITIATE a CHAdeMO charging session through the EVgo app, charger touchscreen or membership card.


We're Fast

Charge faster, drive farther

Why Charge with EVgo?

Destination/Home Charging
We're Reliable

Destination / Home Charging

Up to 15 miles in 30 minutes

15 Minutes
We're Fast

We're Convenient

More than 115 million Americans live within a 15-minute drive of an EVgo fast charger

We're Reliable

With the highest consumer scores on PlugShare, our fast chargers have a more than 98% uptime

EVgo Fast Charging

Up to 90 miles in 30 minutes

No monthly fee

Pay As You Go

Unlock our lowest rates


Payment & Pricing

Bay Area: $0.30/minute

Bay Area: $0.26/minute

Rates vary by region. See all rates here.

EVgo Account required to use App or RFID card.

No membership required!

No monthly commitment

Credit Card

With more than 800 charging stations in 34 states, EVgo is the nation's largest public fast charging network. Our fast chargers offers 50kW service or higher to all EV drivers and charges all Tesla's equipped with a CHAdeMO adapter. Visit our website at to learn more.

Contact our Customer Service team at (877) 494-3833 or if you need assistance

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