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The City of Burlingame and EVgo Announce New Public High-Powered Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

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Sep 11, 2019

Six EVgo 100 kW-capable fast chargers now open at 1133 Chula Vista Ave in Burlingame’s Broadway District

LOS ANGELES AND BURLINGAME – The City of Burlingame today joined with EVgo, the nation’s largest and most reliable public fast charging network for electric vehicles (EV), to announce the public opening of six high-powered public fast chargers located at 1133 Chula Vista Ave, conveniently located in Burlingame’s charming Broadway Business District. The EVgo station features the first public fast chargers in Burlingame.

“EVgo is committed to providing a convenient and reliable fast charging experience for all EV drivers,” said Julie Blunden, Chief Commercial Officer at EVgo. “Our six new high-powered EVgo fast chargers will help power the needs of EV drivers living and shopping in the Burlingame community.”

The City of Burlingame has long been committed to protecting the environment. From encouraging recycling to buying clean electricity through Peninsula Clean Energy, to improving energy efficiency by replacing lighting with LEDs in City facilities, the City has worked hard to reduce its carbon footprint. In fact, the City’s 2030 Climate Action Plan Update, which the City Council adopted on September 3, includes a number of measures to “green” the community, including adding EV charging stations throughout Burlingame.

“The City of Burlingame is excited to partner with EVgo to celebrate the opening of six new EVgo high-powered fast chargers,” said Burlingame Mayor Donna Colson. “Together with EVgo, we’re helping to create a cleaner and greener future for our community.”

The Chula Vista parking lot location includes a total of six high-powered 100-kW capable EVgo DC fast-chargers, equipped with both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors. The stations can charge all fast charge capable EV models in 20 minutes to an hour, depending on a vehicle’s battery size and charge rate. EVgo recently announced that it has contracted for 100% renewable energy to power its customers, becoming the first EV charging network in the United States to do so.

About EVgo

EVgo is the nation’s largest and most reliable fast charging public network for electric vehicles. With more than 1,200 DC fast chargers across more than 750 locations in 66 metropolitan markets in 34 states, EVgo serves more than 150,000 customers. EVgo has the best operating record in the industry – more than 98% uptime – and has the highest consumer scores on Plugshare of any U.S. public charging network. EVgo owns and operates its nationwide network of fast chargers, which are compatible with all fast charge-capable EV models and powered by 100% renewable energy. Founded in 2010, EVgo partners with retail hosts, hotels, shopping centers, gas stations parking lot operators, and other stakeholders to make it easier to fast charge your EV close to where you live, work and play. EVgo is also committed to providing a reliable charging experience for customers of partner automakers as well as fleet and rideshare operators.

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