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EVgo Launches Equal Access Charging Hub (EACH) Program to Promote More Sustainable California Communities Through Expanded Access to Electric Vehicle Fast Charging

First EVgo EACH Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Station Now Open at Brookhurst Community Center in Anaheim, CA

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May 1, 2019

EVgo’s Fast Charging Station at Brookhurst Community Center, Anaheim, CA; Credit: EVgo.

LOS ANGELES - May 1, 2019 - At a special ribbon cutting event today at the Brookhurst Community Center, Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu joined EVgo, the nation’s largest public electric vehicle (EV) fast charging network, to celebrate the public launch of EVgo’s “Equal Access Charging Hubs” (EACH) program, which promotes more sustainable communities through public education and expanded access to EV fast charging.

The EVgo EACH program will provide a total of 28 fast chargers in seven communities most impacted by air pollution across the State of California – including: Anaheim, Compton, Inglewood, Oakland, Richmond (with two locations), and San Leandro. The urgency to act is clear: today, more than 95% of Californians live in areas that fail to meet federal or state air quality standards , with more than 50% of California’s total smog pollution and 38% greenhouse gas pollution caused by motor vehicles. Californians drive 825 million miles every day – producing 5.4 million tons of smog forming pollutants and more than 350,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions daily. As the largest public fast charging network in California and across the country, EVgo is poised to help ensure the state achieves its ambitious goal of deploying 1.5 million EVs on the road by 2025 and 5 million EVs by 2030, and the construction of 250,000 public chargers and 10,000 fast chargers statewide.

“Anaheim is excited to offer EVgo fast charging stations to our residents and visitors who own electric vehicles or are considering the purchase of one,” said Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu. “These four stations add to the roughly 200 charging stations throughout Anaheim and further support our sustainability efforts.”

“Electric vehicles are the future and EVgo is delivering on our commitment to help accelerate EV adoption in communities most impacted by air pollution through the launch of our Equal Access Charging Hub program,” said EVgo CEO Cathy Zoi. “EVgo is proud to partner with the City of Anaheim, Anaheim Public Utilities and Green for All to bring reliable, convenient and affordable fast charging to EV drivers in Anaheim at our first EACH station at the Brookhurst Community Center.”

“The EACH program is unique for putting advanced EV charging infrastructure within reach of underserved communities while also supporting the mobility options that improve access for those without cars,” said Brian Holland, California Program Director, Shared Use Mobility Center (SUMC). “Shared and electric mobility can and should reinforce one another, and EACH is a great example of how this can work in practice.”

“The green economy should benefit all communities, not only some,” said Michelle Romero, National Director from Green For All. “That’s why we’re proud to partner with EVgo in their efforts to help make clean transportation available, affordable, and accessible to all, including communities of color.”

The Brookhurst Community Center is the first EVgo EACH site to open publicly and includes a total of four (4) 50 kW DC fast-chargers capable of delivering up to 90 miles of range in 30 minutes. EVgo recently joined with officials from the City of Compton to celebrate a groundbreaking ceremony at the Soledad Center in Compton, which is another EACH program site.

Designed with stakeholder consultation and support from the Shared Use Mobility Center (SUMC), and in alignment with the state’s transportation electrification goals, these new fast charging stations will increase access to electric vehicles in communities designated as disadvantaged by CalEPA, pursuant to Senate Bill 535 (De León). The stations will not only increase access to public fast charging for EV owners in these neighborhoods, but also support EV carsharing and ridesharing services in the area. The EACH program will be supported by a community outreach and education program called Communities Charging for Change, led by Citizen Group.

The full list of EVgo EACH fast charging stations follows below and spans communities across California; all locations will be complete in 2019. Locations include:

  • Anaheim: Brookhurst Community Center

  • Compton: Soledad Center

  • Inglewood: Inglewood City Hall

  • Oakland: City of Oakland

  • Richmond: Two stations – Civic Center and 41st Street

  • San Leandro: Lucky San Leandro

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