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EVgo’s Fast Chargers on Smith Street Hit 2000 Charges

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May 30, 2018

LOS ANGELES - May 30, 2018 – Today, Union City and EVgo announced that charging at the Smith Street DC Fast Charging Stations installed last November has been extremely successful with more than 2000 fast charges delivered to electric vehicle (EV) drivers. The stations have seen an average increase of more than 40% usage month-to-month since installation. Over the past 6 months, the EVgo chargers on Smith Street delivered 26 megawatt-hours, which equates to saving more than 3,300 gallons of gas and avoiding the emission of more than 18 metric tons of CO2.

The two EVgo chargers on Smith Street have quickly become some of EVgo’s most popular public fast charging locations in the Bay Area. Located in the Public Parking Plaza at the corner of Union City Blvd. and Smith St., the EVgo charging station is convenient and quick for EV drivers on the go, especially those commuting along I-880 or Union City Blvd. The proximity to the Alvarado Historic District also provides EV drivers the opportunity to enjoy food and drink at local establishments like Bronco Billy’s Pizza and Kaffa Coffee, or take in the farmer’s market over the weekend.

As the nation’s largest network of public electric vehicle fast charging stations, EVgo provides millions of emissions-free electric driving miles in the Bay Area and across the country. The affordable, accessible and eco-friendly charging offered by EVgo has quickly caught on with residents of the Bay Area.

EVgo is the national leader in fast charging networks with more than 1,000 fast chargers delivering an EV fill-up in 30 to 45 minutes. With electric vehicle adoption rapidly accelerating, EVgo’s public fast charging stations make owning an electric vehicle easier than ever before.

The Union City station is located at 3960 Smith St. Union City, CA 94587. To see a list of all EVgo charging station locations visit

About EVgo

EVgo is America’s Largest Public Fast Charging Network. EVgo’s fast chargers deliver convenient, fast charges to EV drivers on the go, at a rate approximately eight times faster than a conventional Level 2 charger and are compatible with all EV models that accept DC Fast Charging. EVgo’s network extends EV infrastructure and allows EV drivers to travel further than any other public network in the US, with more than 1,000 chargers in 66 metropolitan markets. The company delivers exemplary service by maintaining and operating its charging stations. Each month, EVgo provides more than 100,000 charges to more than 65,000 EV drivers.

EVgo saw a record year in 2017, with its network of chargers providing the equivalent 40 million miles of emissions-free electric driving, a dramatic year-over-year increase compared to the approximately 26 million EV miles charged by the network in 2016.

EVgo offers a variety of flexible pricing options for drivers including Pay As You Go and affordable Membership options, as well as complimentary charging plans for buyers of new vehicles from partner automakers, including BMW and Nissan.

EVgo’s chargers are in convenient, high-traffic locations where demand for EV fast charging is highest. To find out more, or to join the EVgo network, visit Connect with EVgo on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.