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EVgo Completes EV Charging Corridor for Colorado Network

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Sep 27, 2016

Following National Drive Electric Week, EVgo has announced the completion of a segment of its Colorado electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging network, currently one of the longest continuous corridors in the country, adding five new stations in the Colorado Springs area.

According to EVgo, its network now connects the Front Range from Fort Collins to Fountain, featuring 18 50 kW fast-charging stations in convenient and high-traffic locations.

“More and more drivers are finding that electric vehicles are not only better for the environment, but fun to drive and better for their wallets,” said Terry O’Day, EVgo’s vice president. “Our extensive network serving thousands of drivers in Colorado has brought range confidence to the Front Range.”

First launched as an independent company with the support of Vision Ridge Partners, EVgo now operates over 750 fast chargers in over 55 markets throughout the country, working to address range anxiety and encouraging the adoption of clean technology. In the last year alone, EVgo’s public high-speed charging network delivered more than 21 million EV miles, saving nearly 900,000 gallons of gas and offsetting nearly 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide.

An electric-friendly state, Colorado established the Charge Ahead Colorado funding opportunity, which encourages development of EV charging stations across the state. Backed by the Colorado Energy Office, the state extended its support for EV drivers last May, making it even easier for Coloradans to receive their state and federal incentives of $12,500 on new EV purchases. With this additional support, Colorado has seen a tremendous increase in the number of registered EVs, growing over 300-fold since 2011.

“It’s about connecting people with opportunities,” said Wes Maurer, transportation program manager for the Colorado Energy Office. “Colorado’s increasingly integrated network of charging stations is working to provide unhindered destination options for current and future electric vehicle drivers – a key state-wide objective for our office.”