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EVgo Announces Price Drops for EV Fast Charging Across the U.S.

New Options Cut DC Fast Charging Costs Dramatically, Beating Gas Prices and Opening Up EV Ownership to Millions of Drivers

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Mar 1, 2018

LOS ANGELES– March 1, 2018 – EVgo, the nation’s largest network of public electric vehicle (EV) DC Fast charging stations, today announced simplified and lowered pricing that goes into effect immediately. These prices lower the overall cost of EV ownership across the country and open the market to more drivers than ever before.

The new simplified pricing includes two options: a new Pay As You Go rate with a low per-minute rate and no additional session fees, as well as a $9.99/month Membership option, providing EVgo’s lowest per-minute rate. Moreover, charging session time limits have been extended to allow new longer-range EVs to go the extra distance with just one fast charge session.

“The growth rate in the EV sector has been truly explosive over the last year, and EVgo is pleased to help accelerate EV adoption with a lower cost charging plan for our customers,” said Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo. “EVgo is already the market leader in fast charging, and demand for more public DC Fast charging solutions is only continuing to grow as battery capacities increase and EVs grow in popularity.”

In 2017, EV sales in the U.S. were up 26 percent, and in that same time period, EVgo’s energy delivered across its network increased by more than 80 percent. EV owners are discovering the ease and convenience of fast charging while they shop for groceries, enjoy a coffee break, or get their daily steps in.

EVgo’s new lower pricing will vary by region. Membership pricing is between $0.15 and $0.21 per minute, depending on the state, which is about as cheap or cheaper than the average gas-powered vehicle on a per-mile basis. This is not only good news for existing fast charging customers, but a major development for potential EV drivers without access to charging at home or work. Apartment dwellers and drivers of all types of EVs can take advantage of the nation-leading EVgo fast charging network of more than 1,000 fast chargers across 66 markets. By reducing charging costs, EVgo has helped to further reduce the total cost of ownership for electric vehicles, another important selling point for first-time EV buyers.

With EVgo’s new Membership plan, EV drivers pay only $9.99/month to unlock the lowest per-minute rate. Unlike previous monthly fees, this $9.99 acts as a pre-paid credit that is simply applied towards charging activity for that month. Members pay between $0.18 and $0.21 per minute depending on charger location, and through June 2018, EVgo will offer a special promotional rate for chargers located in California of $0.15/minute for members. Additionally, members can charge for up to 60 minutes during off-peak hours (charges initiating between 8:00pm-5:59am) and 45 minutes during the daytime—a heavily requested feature from drivers of longer-range EVs like the Chevrolet Bolt. EVgo Membership customers are not subject to any setup fees, flat session fees, or termination fees. There are no contracts, and EVgo Members can cancel at any time. For drivers who fast charge more than once a month, the plan pays for itself.

With the Pay As You Go rate there is no monthly commitment, and no session fee (which was a component of EVgo’s former “Flex” plan)—customers only pay a simple per-minute rate of between $0.25 and $0.35 per minute depending on state, and through June 2018, EVgo will offer a special promotional rate for chargers located in California of $0.20/minute for Pay As You Go customers. Charging time has also been extended to 45 minutes at all times for Pay As You Go customers as well.

These new pricing plans provide savings and convenience to EV drivers across the country. For example, a Pay As You Go customer in Maryland who charges three times per month in 30-minute increments will save over 30 percent per month over the old “Flex” plan, and a Membership driver would save just over 50 percent. Thanks to the current California promotional rates, a customer in California who charges five times per month for 30 minutes on the Pay As You Go plan will save 45 percent over previous Flex pricing, while the new Membership rate will save almost 60 percent.

Furthermore, EVgo has also simplified the sign-up process so new customers can start charging within minutes. Registration for Pay As You Go or Membership is simple at or by using the EVgo app, available on iOS and Android. Customers can initiate a charge directly from the app with no RFID cards necessary.

With EV sales at an all-time high in 2017 and more advanced, new EV models on the horizon than ever before, EVgo is answering the call for affordable, convenient public fast charging throughout the US. EVgo’s new pricing options simplify and dramatically reduce the cost of delivering convenient fast charging to EV owners of all types, lowering the overall cost of EV ownership with prices equivalent to or lower than the cost of gasoline – a huge benefit for those who fast charge often while going about their daily tasks or travel long distances.

For information regarding EVgo’s new charging plans and specific regional pricing, visit

About EVgo

EVgo is America’s Largest Public Fast Charging Network. EVgo’s network extends EV infrastructure and allows EV drivers to travel further than any other public network in the US, with over 1,000 chargers in 66 metropolitan markets. The company is able to provide exemplary service by maintaining and operating its charging stations. Each month, EVgo provides over 100,000 charges to over 65,000 EV drivers. EVgo’s fast chargers deliver convenient, fast charges to EV drivers on the go, at a rate approximately eight times faster than a conventional Level 2 charger and are compatible with all EV models currently on the market that accept DC Fast Charging.

EVgo saw a record year in 2017, with its network of chargers providing the equivalent 40 million miles of emissions-free electric driving, a dramatic year-over-year increase compared to the approximately 26 million EV miles charged by the network in 2016.

EVgo offers a variety of flexible pricing options for drivers including Pay As You Go and low-cost Membership options, as well as complimentary charging plans for buyers of new vehicles from partner automakers, including BMW and Nissan.

EVgo’s chargers are in convenient, high-traffic locations where demand for EV fast charging is highest. To find out more, or to join the EVgo network, visit Connect with EVgo on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.