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EVgo Announces 40% Growth in Its California Fast Charging Network

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Oct 23, 2019

80% of Californians Live Within 15-minute Drive of One of 300 EVgo Stations

LOS ANGELES – EVgo announced today that it has extended its leadership as the nation’s largest public fast charging network serving electric vehicle (EV) drivers by increasing its California network by 40% from year-end 2018. Currently, more than 80% of Californians live within a 15-minute drive of one of 300 EVgo fast charging stations across the state; ensuring that EVgo’s network expansion keeps pace with growing charging needs of the State with the highest EV adoption rate.

“EVgo is enabling electric for all by building our fast charging stations in the places where EV drivers live, work and shop,” said Cathy Zoi, EVgo’s CEO. “EVgo’s California network will grow by 40% this year, and today, 80% of California EV drivers live within a 15-minute drive of one of 300 EVgo reliable and convenient fast charging stations.”

EVgo develops, owns and operates fast charging stations to serve EV drivers, fleets and trucks with the highest reliability in the industry and consistently earns the highest customer satisfaction ratings as measured by PlugShare. To date in 2019, EVgo has opened more than 100 new fast chargers throughout California and expects to open more than 200 new fast chargers in the state by year-end 2019.

Operating today in 34 states, EVgo has been energizing new fast charging stations in the largest EV markets from coast to coast. Nationally, more than 100 million Americans live within a 15-minute drive of one of EVgo’s more than 750 fast charging stations. Building upon its ten-year operating history, EVgo has focused its network growth in locations that serve the needs of the newest EV adopters who work and live in dense urban environments, particularly residents of multi-unit dwellings who typically rely on public stations to meet their EV fast charging needs. With the growth of the electric vehicle market and its fast charging network, EVgo now has more than 180,000 customers across the United States and serves all fast charge capable EV models, including Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X with a CHAdeMO adapter.

A map of EVgo’s fast charging stations can be found in EVgo’s app, on its website ( and on Google Maps. All EVgo chargers across the U.S. are powered by 100% renewable energy.

About EVgo

EVgo is the nation’s largest and most reliable fast charging public network for electric vehicles. With more than more than 750 locations and more than 1,200 DC fast chargers in 66 metropolitan markets in 34 states, EVgo serves more than 180,000 customers. EVgo has the best operating record in the industry – more than 98% uptime – and consistently earns the highest consumer scores on PlugShare for U.S. public charging networks. EVgo owns and operates its nationwide network of fast chargers, which are compatible with all fast charge capable EV models and powered by 100% renewable energy. Founded in 2010, EVgo partners with retail hosts, hotels, shopping centers, gas stations parking lot operators, and other stakeholders to make it easier to fast charge your EV close to where you live, work and play. EVgo is also committed to providing a reliable charging experience for customers of partner automakers as well as fleet and rideshare operators.

To find out more, or to join the EVgo network, download our app, visit, and follow EVgo on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and Instagram.

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