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EVgo and BMW Partner for National ChargeNow DC Fast Program

BMW partnership supports the fastest network build out ever; more than quadruples the size of the EVgo national network to over 600 DC Fast Combo chargers

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Nov 18, 2015

LOS ANGELES, CA. - November 17, 2015 - EVgo is charging forward and providing even greater range confidence for all electric vehicle (EV) drivers across the country. America’s largest and fastest-growing public DC fast charging network is partnering with BMW to add DC Fast Combo charging to hundreds of EVgo charging locations in 25 cities.

“It is our mission to install the right charging solutions at the right places, and EV drivers have overwhelmingly told us they prefer DC Fast chargers at public spaces” said Arun Banskota, President and CEO of EVgo. “Over the next 24 months EVgo will add reliable DC Fast Combo capability to what is already America’s largest DC Fast charging network. This will be the fastest and most cost effective build out of a new network ever – thanks in large part to our existing infrastructure and committed retail host partners.”

EVgo’s public network has the power capacity to support the increasing use of the DC Fast Combo standard. These chargers will be capable of charging the BMW i3 or other DC Fast Combo standard vehicles at 50 kW, the only entire charging network able to provide that level of charge.

BMW’s ChargeNow DC Fast program with EVgo was originally introduced in California and led to the largest network of DC Fast Combo chargers in America. Now BMW and EVgo are supporting the rapid addition of DC Fast Combo charging capability at an additional 500 fast charging stations to support BMW i3 customers and other EV drivers in the U.S. The ChargeNow DC Fast program includes two years of no-cost charging for eligible BMW i3 drivers in those areas.

“This significant expansion in the number as well as the locations of publicly available DC Fast Combo chargers further affirms BMW’s commitment to e-mobility and will make EV ownership even more enjoyable for BMW i3 drivers,” said Robert Healey, Head of EV Infrastructure for BMW of North America.

By year-end 2015, the program will bring at least one 50 kW DC Fast Combo location to all but one of the 25 largest markets, and by year-end 2016 there will be more than 400 additional locations for BMW i3 drivers, and any EV driver of a vehicle that uses the DC Fast Combo standard. “The only way such a massive expansion is possible is because of the purpose built, and forward looking planning behind the EVgo network,” Banskota added. “EVgo has installed infrastructure with the ability to efficiently and economically add this new DC Fast Combo standard as the number of electric vehicles have increased. EVgo owns and operates our chargers with long term agreements with premium retail hosts, and is able to provide the level of customer service, reliability, and pricing that will lead to increased EV adoption and high satisfaction among the existing base of EV drivers.”

EVgo Stations are designed to support both current and future charging technology up to 150 kW. Some locations have the capacity to deliver charging up to 400 kW. EVgo stations can serve the charging needs of all EV drivers regardless of the EV they drive with multiple charging standard options.

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