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Nissan Energy Perks by EVgo Program: 2023 Nissan ARIYA

EVgo Charging Credit Terms and Conditions

EVgo Charging Credit Offer: Non-fleet customers with a Valid EVgo Account (“Customer(s)”) can get EVgo unlimited charging for each Qualifying EVgo Charging Session for their Enrolled ARIYA during Customer’s EVgo Charging Period (“EVgo Unlimited Charging”). Offer subject to EVgo’s Terms and Conditions. All foregoing capitalized terms are defined below. Must use an EVgo owned-and-operated public charging station. Available only on an Enrolled ARIYA. Fleet customers not eligible. This offer does not apply towards idle fees, reservation fees, or charging sessions at any EVgo eXtend charger or EVgo roaming partner charger (collectively, “Ineligible Costs”). Customer is solely responsible for paying all Ineligible Costs. EVgo’s network is owned and managed by EVgo, the use of an EVgo network account and its charging stations are subject to EVgo’s Terms and Conditions, and are not within Nissan’s control. Availability of charging stations not guaranteed. This offer is not compatible with other offers, is non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Offer is subject to change at any time and/or is subject to termination without notice.

Prohibited Actions: You are expressly prohibited from utilizing the Complimentary Charging in any of the following ways (each, a “Prohibited Action”):

  • You may not utilize the Complimentary Charging to support the use of your Enrolled ARIYA for any commercial purpose.  As used herein, “commercial purpose” shall mean any use that is outside the scope of personal pleasure or commuting.  The following usages are expressly deemed to be for a commercial purpose: (i) ridesharing, (ii) carsharing (iii) delivery services, (iv) transit of other persons in exchange for monetary consideration, (v) any other transportation service for another person or entity, or (vi) any use or pattern of use for which the Enrolled ARIYA would need to be insured through a commercial auto insurance policy.

  • You may not utilize the Complimentary Charging to provide electricity to the Enrolled ARIYA with the intended purpose of thereafter using the Enrolled ARIYA as a power source to support any external electrical object, including without limitation for vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) purposes.

  • You may not utilize the Complimentary Charging to power any other vehicle except your Enrolled ARIYA.

  • You may not allow any other individual or entity to utilize the Complimentary Charging.

EVgo may, from time to time in its sole discretion, review your charging data records as well as other pertinent information it possesses within its records to determine if you have engaged in one or more Prohibited Actions.  If following such review EVgo reasonably determines that you have engaged in a Prohibited Action, EVgo shall have the right to immediately terminate your Complimentary Charging and communicate the decision to terminate your Complimentary Charging to Nissan, which communication may include a description of the Prohibited Action(s) which resulted in such termination.  In the event if EVgo terminates your Complimentary Charging as a result of your engagement in one or more Prohibited Actions, EVgo will promptly communicate this decision to you using the email address provided by you during the registration process for this Complementary Charging Program.

Valid EVgo Account” is defined as an EVgo network account registered and activated by a non-fleet customer who (i) purchased or leased a new 2023 Nissan ARIYA from a participating Nissan dealer (“Vehicle”); (ii) enrolled the vehicle information number (VIN) of the Vehicle into customer’s active EVgo network account no later than 90 days from the date of Vehicle purchase or lease (“Qualifying Account”); and thereafter, (iii) Vehicle remains enrolled in the Qualifying Account for one-year commencing from date of Vehicle purchase or lease (“Enrolled ARIYA”). Valid EVgo Account is subject to EVgo’s Terms and Conditions, and is not within Nissan’s control.

“Qualifying EVgo Charging Session” is defined as a charging session at an EVgo owned-and-operated public charging station to charge an Enrolled ARIYA that is paid under its designated Valid EVgo Account using the EVgo app or EVgo RFID card during its designated EVgo Charging Period.

EVgo Charging Period” is defined as a one-year period commencing on date of Vehicle purchase or lease provided non-fleet customer maintains a Valid EVgo Account during such one-year period, unless terminated earlier or suspended in accordance with EVgo’s Terms and Conditions which is not within Nissan’s control.