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In The Shadow Of Tesla Supercharger Behemoth, EVgo Races To Add Fast Chargers

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By Brooke Crothers
Nov 10, 2019

EVgo isn’t Tesla but it’s trying.

First, a quick refresher.

Slow charging (AC): To be clear, most charging takes place at home. You either plug into an existing 120-volt home socket or add a faster 24o-volt charger.

The problem is, slow charging is also what you find today at most stores and public charging stations. That’s a problem* because a 240-volt charger will boost the battery range only modestly (at best) after 30 minutes of shopping. Typically, the rate is 25 miles added per hour. If you don’t have access to charging at home, like apartment dwellers, it’s a bad solution for getting a full charge.

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