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Fraud Alert: Impersonation of EVgo

EVgo has recently received reports that businesses pretending to be EVgo may be contacting individuals and soliciting banking information or money for their business with a promised return on investment.

For example, such businesses have asked individuals to:

  • buy, rent or invest in a site or equipment with the promise of revenue sharing, and

  • refer friends in exchange for money.

EVgo has no involvement with these fraudulent practices and is currently investigating them. Please be vigilant, and do not respond to these communications or provide personally identifiable information such as a social security number or bank account information, and do not send money in response to these requests.

EVgo’s official website is, and the authorized EVgo mobile app is free to download at EVgo EV Chargers on the App Store ( and EVgo - Apps on Google Play. Legitimate EVgo emails will only originate from addresses ending in

Also, avoid clicking on links included in emails or other communications from these third parties, or their attachments, as doing so may result in malware or a virus.  If you receive a solicitation from anyone posing as EVgo or an EVgo officer or employee that appears suspicious, please notify us by email at