Simplify Operations and Increase Revenue

Fleets and Ridesharing

Enable EV Cost Savings Through Metropolitan DC Fast Charging

EVgo Powers Fleets and Rideshares Across the Country

EVgo provides dedicated, turnkey EV fast charging stations exclusively for fleets and ridesharing. In addition to owning, operating, and maintaining the largest public fast charging network, we build dedicated EV fast charging stations for our fleet partners. We handle the entire process, from site acquisition, construction, procurement, network management, and customer service, ensuring your fleet has maximum uptime. We also offer access to our nation-leading public network in addition to private charging hubs tailored to our partners’ needs.

No one has put more public fast chargers in the ground than EVgo, and we are excited to offer that expertise to our fleet and ridesharing partners. EVgo saves you money and helps make your operations easy to manage. We are the ideal fast charging solution for fleet and ridesharing providers.

  • Largest Network of the Highest-Powered DC Fast Chargers

  • Dedicated Fleet Charging Hubs

  • Real-time charging station and vehicle information

  • Easy-to-use mobile app that lets drivers view station availability and locate nearby stations

  • Years of field installation, operation and maintenance experience

  • Data tracking for easy integration to with fleet management

  • Meet government mandates and regulations

  • Reduce operating expenses with lower fueling and maintenance costs

  • Achieve sustainability goals

  • Establish your organization as a green leader

Enjoy Peace of Mind with EVgo’s Superior Support and Services

With more than 800 fast charging locations centered in metropolitan cores nationwide, EVgo’s Fleet and Ridesharing partners tap into our best-in-class customer service with our 24/7, EV-dedicated call center and suite of customer tools available to enable electrified cost savings and streamline operations. With the continued electrification of fleets, it’s imperative to provide partners the ability to enable multiple full charges every day.

EVgo helps power your fleet in a way that avoids the volatility of gas prices through electric vehicles that have a lower total cost of ownership than traditional vehicles, positions you as a leader in the electrified transportation revolution, and helps you meet and get ahead of emerging regulations.

Contact us today so we can help bring greater efficiency and profitability to your Fleet operations!