EACH Creates Opportunities in Underserved Commmunities

The Equal Access Charging Hub (EACH) project goal is to spur the adoption of electric vehicles in underserved neighborhoods by creating job opportunities and providing public EV fast charging. EVgo is developing seven charging hubs (4x50kW chargers) in San Diego, San Francisco Bay, and the Los Angeles Basin, in neighborhoods which are most impacted by air pollution, often coinciding with low-income communities.

EVgo has partnered with the Shared Use Mobility Center (SUMC) to provide technical guidance, stakeholder engagement and program evaluation. EVgo has also partnered with Citizen, Green For All, Groundwork San Diego-Chollas Creek, the Social Justice Learning Institute and STEAM The Streets. Through these commercial partnerships EVgo aims to promote utilization of the hubs through EV ridesharing and carsharing.

In alignment with the state’s transportation electrification goals, these new fast charging stations increase access to electric vehicles in communities designated as disadvantaged by CalEPA, pursuant to Senate Bill 535 (De León). The stations will not only increase access to public fast charging for EV owners in these neighborhoods, but also support EV carsharing and ridesharing services in the area. To better inform the public on providing equitable access to electric mobility, the EACH program will include elements of community outreach and educational programming.

EACH Objectives

  • Increase the presence of DC Fast Charging in disadvantaged communities.
  • Expose more residents of underserved communities to electric vehicles by providing convenient and affordable access to EVs and enabling them to take advantage of EV car sharing services.
  • Engage with Community Based Organizations that serve regions near each of the hubs to facilitate the dissemination of information.
  • Create job opportunities for residents in the communities where the EACH charging hubs are located.
  • Prove an EV fleet charging business model which enables the electrification of carshare vehicles.

Please reach out to EqualAccess@evgo.com to discuss how EVgo can bring convenient, reliable fast charging to your city.