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National EV Charging Recognition Program

As the U.S. undertakes the significant effort required to electrify our transportation system, it’s important to recognize and honor successful trailblazers in the industry: the companies and institutions that are moving now, demonstrating real commitment via innovative actions, partnerships, and proven results. Launched in September 2022, the National EV Charging Recognition Program celebrates leaders in deployment excellence on an annual basis.

2023 EV Charging Heroes

We’re proud to recognize these organizations for their achievement in fast charger deployment and transportation electrification.



City of San Diego Development Services Department

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Site Hosts


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brytemove energy

Core States Group

Mach 1 Electric 

OWL Services

PAR Western Line Contractors LLC

Westwood Professional Services

WB Engineers + Consultants

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EVgo Connect the Watts Charging Ecosystem

Celebrating the Heroes of the EV Charging Ecosystem

  • Government creating streamlined permitting

  • Equipment vendors offering certified equipment built in America

  • Automakers responding to consumer demand

  • Contractors bringing chargers to life

  • Site Hosts providing chargers at their facilities

  • Utilities dedicating teams to charging and investing in equipment to ensure chargers are sited efficiently

10 EV Charging Heroes You Should Know

Connect the Watts™ EV Charging Heroes are helping increase access to EV charging infrastructure in communities across the U.S. New fast charging stations build range confidence for current EV drivers, peak curiosity among those considering the switch, and enable local communities to take advantage of the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) by enjoying healthier air quality.  

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