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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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At EVgo

We recognize that racism, sexism, ableism, classism, ageism, and discrimination exist. Our vision is “Electric for All.” And in order to uphold our mission, we commit to reflecting the communities we serve, to upholding racial and climate justice, and to eliminating environmental practices that affect communities of color.

Electric for All

If we aspire to achieve “Electric for All,” we need to acknowledge the inequality of lived experiences. To be Black or Brown or a woman or disabled or LGBTQ+ or of different ages and classes are not barriers; institutional racism, sexism, and prejudice are barriers. We do not tolerate a status quo that so many members of our community find painful. We want to be better. We know it will be an ongoing process. And we know it will be important to not just be “non-discriminatory,” but also “anti-discriminatory.” We will embody — and continue to embody — a level of inclusivity that makes our staff proud. “Electric for All” stands for more than just a slogan. We will uphold it with action.

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EVgo Commitment

EVgo is committed to hiring — and continuing to hire — Black, Indigenous, People of Color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, women, and people with different physical abilities, ages, and social classes to all levels of leadership. We use terms like BIPOC and LGBTQ+, acknowledging their limitations in conveying the multitudes of identity. As language and social beliefs evolve, we commit to evolving with them. We commit to mentoring and promoting people within our community whom we value for their hard work, intelligence, and agility in pursuit of EVgo’s mission. We commit to building a portfolio of vendors that includes minority-owned businesses. We commit to creating initiatives that ensure our employees are seen, heard, and valued. We commit to continue checking in with leadership and employees to see how we’re doing. And most importantly, we commit to listening with openness. As we rapidly grow as a business, we commit to growing as a community.

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Company Success

The success of our company depends on a diverse staff and inclusive leadership. We believe the only way to achieve our vision of “Electric for All” is to utilize the strength that comes from the richness of diversity. What we do in the present builds the foundation for the future. As we lead the vision of “Electric for All,” we commit to building and empowering a workplace community that values its members for simply being who they are.

Updates from EVgo

Read article "Putting Equity at the Forefront of Electric for All "
Putting Equity at the Forefront of Electric for All
EV Drivers

Putting Equity at the Forefront of Electric for All

Grocery stores, shopping malls, and convenience stores are all intuitive choices for EV charging stations given their placement in high-traffic areas with convenient amenities for EV drivers to utilize while they charge, ample parking stalls, open space for electrical equipment and often 24/7 public access. At first glance, these locations present enough reason to deploy a new fast charging station, but EVgo’s Network Planning team also uses its proprietary siting tool to evaluate other factors prior to selecting a new location to add to our network.

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Read article "Electric For All Starts at HQ"
Electric For All Starts at HQ
EV Drivers

Electric For All Starts at HQ

To grapple with the challenge of where we site, we had to get specific about our goal, and tie it to data. In general, it makes sense to build chargers where the EVs are and will be. As a result, dense urban cores, which traditionally are disproportionately impacted by air pollution and more likely to serve communities of color, happen to be good places to locate EV fast chargers. But it’s not that simple, and in order to build chargers to serve communities equitably, we need to check our assumptions and be intentional about expanding reach to more drivers who might want and could benefit from EVs.

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EVgo Efforts to Promote Equal Access

We are committed to doing better in our own organization and on the ground to bring more equitable access to EVs across communities in the US. Beyond including equity into our siting decisions, EVgo has led and participated in several programs to promote equal access to EV charging.

EVgo Equal Access Charging Hub (EACH)

EVgo has opened seven fast charging hubs in San Diego, San Francisco Bay, and the Los Angeles Basin, in neighborhoods that are most impacted by air pollution, often coinciding with low-income communities.

Green Raiteros

In 2018, Latino Environmental Advancement & Policy Institute (LEAP), in partnership with EVgo, Mobility Development Partners, and Shared-Use Mobility Center, launched the Green Raiteros, an informal, volunteer ridesharing system that offers rides to people who lack auto or other mobility options. EVgo provided a fast charging stations to support the electric rideshare service.

Partnership with GRID Alternatives

EVgo works with California non-profit, GRID Alternatives, to offer subsidized charging access for EV renters and drivers who are unable to charge at home. GRID Alternatives currently works with the California Air Resources Board to provide free home L2 installations or $1,000 EVgo charging credit for drivers who qualify for the state’s low income EV purchase programs. To date, more than 2,000 people have enrolled in the program.

Proud Supporter of Veloz

EVgo is proud to support Veloz, a nonprofit organization made up of a high-powered, diverse board and members that promotes electric for all.