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EVgo Ownership Model Offerings

Choose the solution that fits your EV charging goals

EVgo Owner-Operator Model

Host EVgo fast chargers with

EVgo Owner-Operator Model

Add EVgo-owned fast chargers to your property as an amenity to increase incremental visits and revenue – at no cost to you.

EVgo eXtend

Own your chargers with

EVgo eXtend

Purchase fast chargers and receive all charging revenue plus additional in-store sales, while EVgo handles the rest with a turnkey, white label solution.

What's the Difference?

EVgo Owner-Operator ModelEVgo eXtend
OwnershipEVgo-owned charging infrastructureYour organization owns the charging infrastructure, procured by EVgo.
Location SelectionEVgo determines viability on a site-by-site basisYour organization chooses the locations where you want to add EV charging.
Station DesignAverage six 350kW charging stallsFour or more 350kW charging stalls (meets NEVI requirements)
Engineering & ConstructionManaged by EVgo, funded by EVgoManaged by EVgo, funded by your organization and grants.
Charging Pricing EVgo sets charging priceYour organization sets pricing plans
Electricity CostsEVgo pays for electricityYour organization pays for electricity
Operations, Maintenance, Software, & NetworkingEVgo performs and funds all activitiesEVgo provides for a service fee
BrandingEVgo brandedYour organization’s branding
Funding SupportEVgo leverages funding partnershipsEVgo helps you capture Federal and local funding.
Typical Term10-year lease (at minimum) 5-year term (at minimum)

Be in Good Company

EVgo is proud to partner with industry leaders accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles.

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