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Attract Incremental Visits And In-store Revenue by Installing A Commercial EV Charging Station At Your Grocery Stores Parking Lot

How EVgo Fast Chargers Bring Revenue to Grocers

Fast chargers drive visits to the property

Fast chargers drive visits to the property

In 2020, EVgo conducted a survey to learn about its customers’ shopping habits. Of all the customer that shopped during their last charging session, 80% responded that the availability of fast chargers influenced their decision of where to shop.

Fast chargers drive visits by attracting new customers searching for a fast charger, increasing the frequency of your current customer visits because a quick full charge is another reason to shop, and help retain customers by giving EV driving customers the shopping + charging experience they want – instead of them going to find it at the store across town.

    Visits turn into revenue as customers shop while they fast charge

Visits turn into revenue as customers shop while they fast charge

In the same survey, 80% of all customers responded that they like to shop while they charge. And that EVgo customers spend a good amount at grocery stores – with an average basket size of $42.22.

EVgo also offers a proprietary coupon software, EVgo Advantage™, that grocers can use to bring even more customers from the charger into the store to shop. Early results have shown a 30% click-through rate and average basket sizes nearly twice the amount of EVgo customers from the survey.

    No cost to hosts means the revenue from new shoppers is yours to keep

No cost to hosts means the revenue from new shoppers is yours to keep

EVgo’s owner-operator model means we invest in your property by funding, installing, and maintaining the fast chargers – all the new in-store revenue the chargers attract is yours to keep.

Through its customer shopping survey and charger usage data, we’ve found EVgo fast chargers have the potential to drive more than $100,000 of annual incremental revenue to grocers – we don’t ask for any of that.

Grocery Store Site Host Spotlight: Lazy Acres Natural Market

EVgo works with site host partners, often grocers, to bring EV fast charging amenities to their customers and community. One such site host partner is Lazy Acres Natural Market - a grocer with five locations in the Southern California area. In this video, the Store Director of Lazy Acres’ Hermosa Beach location is speaking about hosting fast chargers.

Together, Lazy Acres and EVgo have made a significant sustainability impact by bringing EV charging to the community. Read more about the sustainability impact of the chargers in this case study.

Lazy Acres Case Study

“Having the EVgo fast chargers has been a premium experience. The EVgo group has offered great support. We’re happy to say the chargers can really bring some added value to your customer base.”

-David Schaefer
Store Director, Lazy Acres Natural Market, Hermosa Beach

More Reasons to Partner with EVgo

Make a greater sustainability impact

EVgo fast chargers are powered by 100% renewable energy so by partnering with EVgo your sustainability impact is greater. Your customers will see that you share their values and investors will take notice of your ESG progress - highlighted by the metric tons of CO2 that hosting fast chargers can help prevent.

Learn about the sustainability impact EVgo and the Save Mart Companies made together.

Give your customers a premium charging experience

Customers give EVgo high ratings on Plugshare - EVgo’s average rating consistently exceeds 8/10. One reason customers like EVgo, is because it’s reliable - with an industry-leading 98% uptime.

Receive experienced guidance and support

EVgo has more than a decade of experience installing DC Fast Chargers. Its engineering and construction teams have successfully installed fast chargers at over 800 locations across the United States. EVgo makes it easy for site hosts to add fast chargers by managing a streamlined site development process.

And after the chargers are operational on your property, we’ll continue to be there for you to meet our standard of 98% uptime, and provide award-winning 24/7 customer service.

Access to 300,000+ of our EV driving customers

EVgo has a vast driver audience, fueled by the network’s size and ability to charge all EVs on the market. Given our customers become your customers - as drivers shop where they charge - a larger audience means more business opportunity for you.

Host technology that will be relevant for decades

The fast chargers EVgo puts into the ground today are prepared to serve future EVs on the market which means the chargers will be attract customers for a long time. EVgo installs next generation fast chargers capable of 350 kW and dynamic power sharing.

Join Leading Grocers in Hosting EVgo Fast Chargers

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