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Salt River Project Helps Accelerate Electric Vehicle Adoption

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Apr 4, 2022

EVgo is grateful for our long-standing partnership with Salt River Project (SRP), Arizona’s community-based, not-for-profit water and energy company. For more than a century, SRP has provided reliable, affordable power and water to more than 2 million central Arizona residents. The company is working toward a sustainable future, including supporting the enablement of 500,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in SRP’s service territory by 2035. EVgo is proud to be a part of their efforts. Since 2016, SRP has financially sponsored EVgo chargers in SRP’s service area to increase access to EV charging, improve air quality and address environmental in justice.

Lack of public charging infrastructure is the No. 1 barrier to drivers purchasing or leasing an EV. Especially for potential drivers without access to EV charging at home. Stakeholder collaborations in transportation electrification can advance the market for critical fast charging infrastructure.

With SRP’s financial support, EVgo can accelerate the deployment of public fast charging in SRP’s service territory, proactively build charging stations for future driver demand, and reduce hurdles to EV adoption. There are currently six EVgo/SRP chargers deployed in Greater Phoenix as part of this program and two new fast charging sites with chargers capable of 350 kW being developed in 2022.

EVgo installs and operates the public fast chargers which feature both companies’ branding. EVgo also provides SRP with valuable station-level data, enabling SRP to track and analyze charging station utilization, energy usage and sustainability metrics associated with EVs and customer charging behavior.

In addition to its partnership with EVgo, SRP offers several EV customer programs. SRP residential customers can participate in SRP’s Electric Vehicle Price Plan, which is designed to help EV owners save by charging during super off-peak hours. EV customers can also receive a rebate for purchasing a Level 2 smart home charger and a bill credit for joining the SRP EV Community. SRP business customers are eligible to receive a rebate for each networked EV charging port installed at their place of business and can take advantage of a Fleet Advisory Service Program rebate when evaluating electrification opportunities for their company vehicle fleets. SRP also provides valuable educational resources on its website, including the latest U.S. Consumer’s Guide to Electric Vehicles, an EV comparison tool, home charging installation checklist, and links to help find public charging stations. For more information, please visit SRP’s website.

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Over 6 locations in the AZ region with more locations coming soon.
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Discover SRP's Commitment to Sustainability

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  • SRP has a goal to enable 500,000 EVs in their service territory by 2035

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