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We’re Working with General Motors to Triple the Size of Our Fast Charging Network

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Jul 31, 2020

Chevrolet Bolt driver fast charging at an EVgo station

Teaming Up to Rapidly Accelerate the Growth of Public EV Fast Charging Across the US

EVgo announced today that we are teaming up with General Motors (GM) to triple the number of fast chargers in our network. Here’s why we’re working together to accelerate infrastructure deployment and why it’s good for electric vehicle (EV) drivers, GM, EVgo, and a whole lot more:

Automakers are investing billions of dollars in electric vehicles — with more choice (for example, all four GM brands are soon launching new EVs to join the Chevrolet Bolt EV) and better battery technology, many more drivers will choose to buy EVs in the coming years. An unanticipated surprise benefit of having to shelter in place over the past few months is the reduced air pollution since we’re driving much less. This is the tangible preview of the clean air that could come from an electrified transportation network. In fact, EV sales during this downturn have fared better than internal combustion engine vehicles, but a key piece of the puzzle will make EV investments a sure bet and accelerate their adoption: easy access to public fast chargers.

EVgo has a long history of partnering with leaders in transportation electrification. The EV market is growing rapidly and building out the charging infrastructure in advance of widespread EV adoption requires partnerships with automakers, government policymakers and others to meet economic and sustainability goals. Today’s news allows us to do just that, making it easier for customers to count on EVgo’s public fast charging they’ll need to go electric – giving it no further thought than if they had to re-fuel a non-EV.

As GM looks to bring at least 20 EV models to market by 2023, they know that customers will need access to convenient and reliable public fast charging. Early adopters loved their electric cars (and would talk about them at great, great length) but often used them only as commuter cars they mainly charged at home and at work. But with more choices and easier access to public fast charging, EVs are really for everyone, including apartment dwellers, rideshare drivers, the person who just delivered your pizza … from your neighbor down the street to Lebron James (unless Lebron James is also your neighbor, in which case can we come by once shelter-in-place is over?).

EVgo CEO, Cathy Zoi (left), General Motors Chairman and CEO, Mary Barra (right)

More and more Americans are excited about EVs: prices have declined, they benefit the environment, and they are really fun to drive. And many potential drivers lack at-home charging access, which makes public fast charging absolutely crucial. Rideshare drivers, too, are eager to enjoy the many benefits of EVs, but can’t afford to waste precious driving time waiting for a car to charge. To unlock these new EV customer segments, we need to increase access to public fast charging for renters, apartment dwellers, fleet drivers and folks without workplace charging.

Today, 115 million Americans live within a 15-minute drive of an EVgo charger. Our work with GM will dramatically increase that number, adding more stations in cities and towns where EVgo is already present, and bring fast charging to new markets across the country. We’re adding these chargers to places where drivers want to spend their time – in highly-visible spots outside of grocery stores, retail outlets, entertainment centers and other high-traffic locations, as well as apartment buildings, parks and city centers – helping make the EV ownership more convenient and integrated with daily routines.

GM and EVgo are fully aligned on sustainability: GM has committed to an all-electric, zero-emissions future, with U.S. plants running on renewable energy by 2030 and all global plants running on renewable energy by 2040. EVgo became the first North American charging company to contract for 100 percent renewable energy to power our chargers in 2019.

Ultimately, the real focus here is on delivering great fast charging services for you, the EV driver (and YOU, the soon-to-be EV driver!). EVgo and GM are both committed to making sure that the convenient and reliable fast charging experience 200,000 EVgo customers already enjoy grows to millions as more and more EV models come to market.