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Uber and EVgo: Teaming Up to Accelerate Zero Emission Mobility

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By By Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo and Jennifer Vescio, Global Head of Business Development at Uber
Feb 26, 2021

Ridesharing not only offers everyday convenience and reliability, but important opportunities to lead by example when addressing climate change in partnership with cities around the world.

Now more than ever, customers want transportation – on-demand and personal – to be green, which is where companies like Uber and EVgo come in.

According to a UC Davis study of rideshare data published in the journal Nature Energy, replacing gas-powered rideshare vehicles with EVs can deliver three times the carbon benefits of a personally owned electric vehicle.

Uber, the largest global rideshare and delivery platform, and EVgo, the nation’s leading public fast charging network, are partnering to offer special savings for EV drivers on Uber’s platform at more than 800 EVgo station locations around the U.S.

Accelerating Electrification and Promoting Sustainability
This partnership kicks off a collaboration to accelerate electrification across the U.S.  By making charging more economical, we can support an environment where we depend less on fossil-fuels, build a more sustainable transportation grid, and drive a green recovery part of a multimodal transportation system in cities.

Our work will build on several initiatives that are already underway:

  • Committing $800M in resources toward helping hundreds of thousands of drivers transition to EVs in the next five years, Uber recently announced its goal of becoming a zero-emission mobility platform by 2040. In the US and Canada, EV drivers on the Uber platform can also earn an additional $1 per any trip.

  • The ridesharing platform has also launched Uber Green in more than 1400+ U.S. and Canadian cities and towns. This option allows you to request a hybrid or EV ride that produces up to 44 percent fewer carbon emissions than driving a gas-powered car alone.

  • EVgo has already powered more than 255 million zero emission miles on its fast-charging network, and the new partnership with Uber has the potential to add millions more zero emission miles.

  • EVgo serves more than 220,000 EV drivers on our 100% renewable-powered network and is adding new locations every month, continually extending the network’s reach to provide convenient fast charging to EV drivers of all types.

By helping drivers make the switch to electric by discounting their use of EVgo’s exceptionally reliable fast chargers in more than 800 locations, they can access charging at everyday locations like grocery and convenience stores, shopping malls– even at gas stations. EVgo will offer even more convenient service as it more than triples the size of the fast charging network over the next few years.

Uber and EVgo are committed to reducing the impact of climate change and creating a greener future for generations to come. We’re excited to accelerate the transition to clean transportation one carbon-free mile or trip at a time.