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How EVgo Provides Customer Peace of Mind

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By Joe Gutierrez, Director, Customer Service
Oct 30, 2020

Please email me at or via the EVgo Twitter account and let me know what I can do for you to make it even easier and more convenient to fast charge your EV with EVgo.

We Hear You!

As EVgo’s Head of Customer Operations, it’s my job to help make sure our more than 220,000 customers can always charge up and get back on the road. As fast charging is a relatively new industry, my team also often helps educate new drivers about EV charging. I am honored to personally review each and every bit of customer feedback that comes through my department, so I’ve got a pretty good idea of how things are going and the kinds of comments and questions EV drivers haveAs such, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the frequent comments I hear from EVgo customers as well as some info on some of the programs, partnerships, and technology EVgo is implementing to continue to provide the most convenient and reliable fast charging in the country.

EV Chargers in More Locations

“…great locations where I’m not stuck doing nothing. I usually hook up and grab lunch and half hour later I’m good to go.”

Far and away the most frequent feedback we get is to build more stations, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Did you know that even during shelter in place, EVgo has added more than 160 fast chargers to our network this year, with many more under construction. With 800+ fast charging locations in more than 600 cities across 34 states, EVgo is leading the charge to make EVs accessible to more American drivers. We’ve also teamed up with General Motors to build another 2,700 chargers over the next five years. That’s about three times as many chargers as we have now.

For our PHEV and BEV drivers who need Level 2 chargers, we have those too. Including both EVgo and third-party chargers through interoperability agreements, EVgo customers can now access more than 35,000 Level 2 chargers nationwide, in all 50 states, all accessible with a simple swipe of the EVgo app or EVgo Program card.

We also focus on locating our stations where drivers want to be, so our customers can make the most of their charging time with quick shopping trips, grocery runs, coffee stops, and more. EVgo site host partners include grocery chains, shopping malls, gas stations, and hotels, as well as rest stops and other convenient locations. The new EVgo Access® program even gives customers access to paid parking lots hosting EVgo stations, as well. If you’d like to suggest a location for a future EVgo station, click here.

Reliable EV Charging

“Plain and simply your chargers WORK. Others do not always work.”

It doesn’t matter how many fast chargers we have if you can’t count on them when you need them. So, while adding new chargers and stations is top of mind for our customers, reliability is our number one goal – and we’re meeting that goal every day. EVgo boasts more than 98% uptime and consistently earns top consumer scores for reliability on PlugShare.

Speaking of PlugShare, my team reviews and responds directly to each and every comment left on PlugShare, so PLEASE take the time to check in and rate your sessions at various chargers. This is one of the best ways we can stay on top of and problem-solve any issues that may occur.

On our end, the EVgo team is constantly monitoring our more than 800 stations, both in-person and on-line – in fact, in most cases, we can address an issue before our customers are even aware of a problem. We’re also conducting preventative and corrective maintenance on an on-going basis.

In addition, we monitor charger usage patterns and, believe it or not, weather patterns so that we can maintain service and notify customers of extended utility shut-offs that might impact our stations when grid overload, fires, and other severe weather problems create service disruptions.

Availability and Short Wait Times

“Easy to use and no lines!”

Let’s face it… no one likes to wait. Our app includes a feature that shows you which chargers are available, so you know which should be empty when you pull up. We also encourage our customers to follow some simple etiquette guidelines including moving to a slower, L2 charger when they’ve hit an 80% charge, to free up the fast charger for the next customer.

Technology Upgrades

“You’ve got a great app that allows me to find locations and see if they’re working and in use. It’s been a huge help to me since getting my EV.”

Fast charging is a high-tech business and we’re up to the challenge! From our chargers to our monitoring systems to the app you use to access the network, we’re constantly upgrading our systems to be better, faster, and more responsive. For example, we’re building higher-powered charging capabilities into our newer chargers, so that as new EVs have the ability to take a faster charge, our network will deliver.. Additionally, every EVgo charger in San Francisco now features a Tesla connector, with more coming throughout the country.

And our app! Find the nearest EVgo or partner charger, check availability, access a gated parking lot, start a charge, check your invoice, and so much more, all in the palm of your hand. Download the latest version today so you’ve got all the great new features!

Best-In-Class Customer Service

“Your folks at Customer Service are ALWAYS extremely helpful. I think they know what they are doing!”

I couldn’t close this piece out without mentioning our best-in-class customer service team. I’m proud of the EVgo customer care family and their commitment to making sure our drivers are treated with the respect and responsiveness they expect and deserve. We’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready and waiting to answer any questions. In many cases, we can solve a charger problem over the phone (human names instead of numbers make it easier for you to identify the charger you’re using – cute, right?) and we’re happy to walk you through any part of the charging process. We can also point you toward our growing library of video how-to’s, including How to Fast Charge Your EV, How to Use Your EVgo Account at a ChargePoint Station, How to Use the EVgo App, and even How to Charge Your Specific Vehicle Model.

Electric vehicle adoption is growing by leaps and bounds, but public fast charging is still a relatively new industry. Monitoring customer needs and expectations and implementing programs to ensure customer satisfaction is a key piece of building our business – and the nation’s fast charging infrastructure. In essence, we’re paving the way for the expedited adoption of EVs in the US – and you, our customers, are in the driver’s seat! So, I want to hear from you! Please email me at or via the EVgo Twitter account and let me know what I can do for you to make it even easier and more convenient to fast charge your EV with EVgo.