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Installing EVgo Charging Stations is as Easy as One, Two, Three

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May 20, 2021

What do places like grocery stores, shopping malls, and central downtown areas have in common? They’re all ideal locations for electric vehicle (EV) fast charging. Drivers visit regularly and often spend around 15-45 minutes in the area, meaning their “charging time” aligns with their shopping, eating, or errand time.  

Retailers and property managers (or as we often call them, site hosts) partner with fast charging companies like EVgo to bring public fast chargers to these prime locations. There are a lot of reasons why site hosts want to install public fast charging in their parking lots—new customers, a future-proofed property, and delivering on a commitment to sustainability. But first the site host has to decide which charging partner to choose, and a key part of that decision is if they want to make it hassle-free. 

Benefits of Partnering with EVgo 

When site hosts work with EVgo, there is no cost to the retailer or property manager. To make it as easy as possible, EVgo handles everything, from design and installation through operations and maintenance of its fast chargers. New construction, electrical upgrades and utility contracts are all integral aspects of installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and they are all details we manage on behalf of a site host. Partnering with EVgo means we do the heavy (and high powered) lifting, while site hosts continue to focus on their core businesses and operations. The main help needed from site hosts is communicating with decision-makers across their organizations – including sustainability, legal, and facilities teams. 

With only a few key steps and requirements from our site host partners throughout the planning and installation process, adding EVgo charging to a property is as easy as one, two, three:  

installing evgo charging stations
installing evgo charging stations
One: Confirming the Site Meets EV Charger Installation Requirements 
Proposal and Contract Execution (2-4 weeks) 

First, EVgo Site Developers work with the site host team to identify sites with available parking spaces that meet viability criteria (expected EV users, proximity to amenities, sufficient power supply, all the work EVgo is doing behind the scenes to make sure there’s alignment that it will be a great charging location). Once the sites are determined, the Site Developer will outline a proposal with the number and location of chargers and equipment. After the proposal is approved, EVgo sends over a contract for electronic signature, and we start prepping the project for installation. 

The site host team can help to fast track this step by providing EVgo with:  

  • Property Owner Name/Information (for sign off on permitting and utility process) 

  • Knowledge of any third-party consent requirements (for property owner agreement) 

  • Current utility bill to identify utility provider and service type 

  • Any existing information such as a Property site plan or Civil plan (with utility information) 

  • Any pre-negotiated utility easement terms 

  • Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) - to issue building permit approvals 

*AHJ - the individual or office responsible for enforcing fire safety codes and standards.  

Two: Engineering, Permitting, Utility Design and Charging Station Construction (3-6 months) 

During the detailed design process, EVgo may send over a Utility Easement for site host signature. The easement outlines the utility’s right to access portions of the land near utility structures to make repairs, just like they do for a lot of properties already (see our recent blog post on Utility Easements for more information). Once signed, the logistics are finalized, and construction can begin. Having the utility easement in place ahead of starting construction will ensure the construction and energization happen smoothly. For example, through the easement EVgo can establish that the energization itself is a brief 1-4 hour power shutoff to take place overnight. 

Installing a new fast charger is exciting not only for site hosts, but for the community! Spreading the news about breaking ground is a moment to notify the community of the soon-to-be-available fast charging service. 

The site host partner can help to fast track this step by: 

  • Sharing the proposed easement plan with their legal, facilities, and real estate teams early in the process 

  • Scheduling a pre-construction meeting to review the construction plan 

  • Support and coordinate the shut down for the allotted timeline with all site stakeholders 

    charging station development timeline graphic
    charging station development timeline graphic

Three: Commissioning EV Charging Stations  (2 weeks) 

EVgo and our contractor partners will handle all steps of the installation process, coordinating with site hosts to clarify what parking lot access is needed and providing regular updates on progress and timelines. Once installation is complete and the utility provides power to the site, the EVgo commissioning team will make the chargers ready to charge. EVgo will notify site host partners and email local EV drivers in the EVgo network in addition to making the site available on all the various apps (PlugShareGoogleMaps, and our EVgo app) to help drivers locate your new chargers.  

cell phone app finding evgo charging station
cell phone app finding evgo charging station

With over 800+ fast charging installations across 34 states under our belt, we’ve learned how to navigate the complexities of an installation on a site host’s behalf. If you own or rent commercial property, within a few months you can have EVgo fast chargers added to your property and starting to attract new visitors. To learn more about EVgo’s site host partnerships visit our business and commercial page or contact us through the "Host a Site" form in the upper right corner of this page.