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EVgo Stories – Shante Walker

May 16, 2022

EVgo customer Shante Walker walks the walk when it comes to supporting her South Los Angeles community. As the founder and CEO of The Niles Foundation, Shante is committed to empowering residents with access to affordable housing, fresh food, and clean energy, including solar power and EV charging. Her nonprofit foundation is particularly focused on serving those who may be low- and moderate-income, underserved, underrepresented, disadvantaged, or belonging to communities of color.

Shante drives about four days a week, visiting the farms, gardens, and green spaces that The Niles Foundation has created across Los Angeles. She is also on the road checking out potential new sites for urban farms that could provide community access to fresh food, and locations that could be transformed into beautiful, safe, public green spaces to help counteract the high levels of pollution found in neighborhoods located near busy highways.

With her commitment to sustainability and clean energy, Shante loves driving electric, and she relies on EVgo to keep her charged up and rolling around town, emissions-free. Shante chooses EVgo because she knows she can count on our stations to be up and running when she needs them and because EVgo’s 100% renewable energy-powered network gives her peace of mind as she works to bring cleaner air to her community.

"Sustainability plays an incredible role in my professional and personal life. I feel fantastic knowing that my vehicle isn’t adding pollution to the environment. I choose EVgo for fast charging because it’s a no brainer. I can use my app or Google ‘EV charging’ to find a close location and off I go.”

Shante believes everyone should make the switch to electric – and to EVgo – saying it’ll be the best decision a driver ever makes. Thinking of going electric? Check out our Charging Basics page to learn more about EVs and EV charging.

If you’re already driving an EV, we’d love to hear your story. Tell us about your experience driving electric via email, or tag #EVgonetwork on social media.