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EVgo Stories – Jim Holtan

Dec 5, 2022

EVgo customer Jim Holtan is an Oakland-based photographer and videographer with a deep commitment to sustainability. Jim is an avid recycler and now has two Chevy Bolts at home. After falling in love with the power, responsiveness, and affordability of the first Bolt he bought, he and his wife purchased a second one to replace their other old gas car. Jim also had a rooftop solar array installed in 2020 to help power his home with renewable energy. 

Those solar panels come in handy now when he and his wife need to charge their Bolts at home, but Jim’s work has him on the road up to 500 miles a week, so charging in the wild is also a must. 

An 1,800-mile road trip in Jim’s first Bolt proved the viability of both long-range travel in his EV and fast charging on the go; it also cemented EVgo as Jim’s public charging network of choice. Jim cites EVgo’s excellent locations, the reliability of our chargers, our friendly interface, and consistent pricing as some of the reasons why EVgo is at the top of his list.  

“I’m confident that when I see an EVgo station on my route, I’ll find a charger that’s in working order and I won’t have to worry about getting gouged by a high charging rate... Another thing I appreciate about EVgo is that they use renewable energy, which ties in very well with my concerns for the planet.” 

After making the transition to electric and driving an EV for work, errands, and road tripping all over California, the Holtan family can’t wait to see electric transportation for all. Jim believes that EVs are the future and recommends all drivers make the switch, saying anyone who is skeptical about an EV won’t be after driving one.  

If you’re thinking about going electric, visit our website for an up-to-date list of EV makes and models, rebates and incentive info, and charger locations and availability. If you’re already driving electric, we’d love to hear your electric vehicle experience! Tell us about your experience driving electric via email or tag #EVgonetwork on social media.