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eVgo Fast Charging is Here and More is Coming Soon!

Mar 11, 2014


Our fast charging network deployment is picking up speed! California drivers can now take advantage of convenient DC fast charging in the San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego areas. As more stations come online in the coming months, Californians will be able to easily charge their vehicles up and down the state.

We are very happy to announce that, as of today, we have 15 electric vehicle Freedom Station® charging sites operating. Find out where, here. Additionally, we have 31 more stations that we are building or have begun permitting and many more in the works behind those. We will have these online as soon as we can get them through permitting and can build them!

With the partnerships and agreements we have in place right now, we are well on our way to having at least 200 fast-charging stations throughout California. Soon California will have the best and most robust fast charging infrastructure in America.

As we continue to build this network across California, we’re trying to make it even easier to own and operate electric vehicles. Our Freedom Station network will give you the freedom to get the most enjoyment from your EV by driving it more and farther, and to give your friends the confidence to buy EVs for themselves! We hope our charging network empowers you, the drivers and partners that are leading us to a new era.

While we’re working to maximize the use of electric vehicles with charging options at home, at apartments, at work, at area airports and on the go, we’re also helping to meet California’s goal of having 1.5 million zero emission vehicles on Golden State roadways by 2025. A California with more EVs will mean improved air quality, less dependence on foreign oil, a lower total cost of ownership of vehicles, and overall—a better, cleaner California.

nrg evgo freedom station
nrg evgo freedom station

City of Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall & eVgo Terry O'Day Freedom Station Ribbon Cutting NRG eVgo Freedom Station 1

We Are Here For You

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