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EVgo Expands Kilowatt Hour Pricing from Coast to Coast

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By Tanvi Chaturvedi, Chief Revenue Officer
Oct 3, 2023

More electric vehicles (EVs) hit the road every day with drivers who get to discover all the great features their latest purchase has to offer—amazingly fast acceleration, near silent operation and cool infotainment screens, just to name a few. As with any new investment, it takes time to acclimate to the EV driving experience, which involves learning about charging station locations, charging speed, and of course, how much it will cost to refuel the vehicle. One of the most frequently asked questions we get from both new and seasoned EV drivers is “how much will I pay to charge my car?” and the answer depends on where you live and when you charge. Let’s dive in.  

Today, EVgo is pleased to share that kilowatt hour (kWh) pricing is now available across the entire network (where legally permissible). Now EVgo customers will only pay for the electricity delivered to their vehicle, regardless of the amount of time spent at a charger.1   

All kWh pricing includes a time of use (TOU) component so that drivers can take advantage of lower pricing depending on when they choose to charge up, including lower pricing for drivers who choose to charge during Off-Peak and Early Bird windows. To find out the TOU pricing in your state, visit our TOU pricing page. By transitioning to kWh and TOU pricing, EVgo aims to expand pricing options to serve a variety of drivers and increase customer choice. 

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States with kWh pricing
Arizona Nevada
California New Hampshire
Colorado New Jersey
Connecticut New York
DelawareNorth Carolina
Florida Ohio
Indiana Rhode Island
KansasSouth Carolina
Massachusetts Vermont
Michigan Washington
Minnesota+ Washington, D.C.

Pricing on the EVgo network accounts for a number of costs summarized in three major categories: equipment costs, development costs, and operation costs. Electricity has typically been the highest operating cost at a given DCFC station, and electricity costs vary by utility. This means that EV charging rates will vary across jurisdictions. To view EVgo pricing near you, visit our pricing page.  

The EVgo app and PlugShare also display real-time pricing information you can preview before heading to a station and viewing the charger screen. To unlock EVgo’s lowest prices, find the best subscription plan for you and sign up for the plan that fits your charging needs.  

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Pricing changes are a part of EVgo’s continued commitment to offer a best-in-class charging experience across the country. In addition to saving on charging costs with a subscription plan and plugging in during Off-Peak or Early Bird hours, all EVgo customers can also earn points toward charging credit through EVgo Rewards™. If you haven’t activated your Rewards account yet, simply log in using your EVgo account information to check your balance.   

Whether you're buying your first EV or you made the switch years ago, EVgo has resources to help you not only learn more about fast charging but also your vehicle. Check out our Charge Talk series to learn about range, state of charge, connector types, battery packs and more.   

1 Some states have regulations that prohibit kWh pricing, which limits EVgo to per minute pricing only.