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EVgo Announces EVgo Access®

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Jun 11, 2020

Good news for prospective site hosts: gated parking lots and garages can now host EVgo fast charging stations!

EVgo Access®, a brand-new product feature available on the EVgo app, gives EVgo customers access to fast chargers located within gated facilities using a simple QR code.

This feature is the latest demonstration of EVgo’s commitment to making it as easy as possible to drive – and charge – an electric vehicle in the United States. This cloud-based system is compatible with both Smart-gate and non Smart-gate solutions, making it possible for pay-to-park lots to host EVgo charging stations. With no additional fees to deter drivers, EVgo Access offers easy entry and exit for EV drivers and easy management of EV charging for parking garage operators.

The first EVgo Access station is located in the Aladdin Airport Parking garage in downtown San Diego. This lot, EVgo’s first in downtown San Diego, enables visitors to the city’s sites and to San Diego International Airport easy and convenient access to fast charging – and offers 10 EVgo fast chargers now available for use.

How does EVgo Access work?

To use EVgo Access, customers will need to download the latest version of the EVgo app.

When they’re ready to charge, they simply select the desired station on the app and receive a scan or QR code that enables them to enter the lot free of charge for the duration of their charging session.

Instead of taking a ticket at the parking lot entrance, they scan the QR code at the entry kiosk.

Once they’ve entered the lot, they follow the signage to the chargers and plug and in charge as they normally would.

When their charging session is complete and they’re ready to go, they simply re-open the EVgo app to retrieve the QR code, and swipe at the kiosk to exit.

Interested in Hosting an EVgo Fast Charging Station?

EVgo owns and operates our fast charging network, so we cover all costs associated with building and installing a fast charging station, as well as ongoing maintenance. Hosting a fast charging station is a proven way to drive value for parking operators, with increased traffic and occupancy and no out-of-pocket expenses. Consider hosting an EVgo fast charging station in YOUR lot!

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