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Charging Your Tesla Just Got Even Easier With EVgo Autocharge+

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By Nell Oliver, Vice President, Program Management and Internal Operations
Nov 8, 2022

I’ve driven my Tesla Model Y for a little more than two years now and I love it! While I often charge at home, there are many times I’ve needed a fast charge on the go. There are several Tesla Superchargers near my home and office, but I usually don’t have the time to wait if the chargers are all in use. I’m also a big road tripper and have found myself in areas without Tesla Superchargers more than once, so on these occasions, I’m thrilled to have an EVgo account.

Any vehicle that accepts a fast charge can plug in on the EVgo network, including Tesla Model S, 3, X, and Y. And there are more than 850 EVgo fast charging stations across the country, a growing number of which include 350 kW high-power chargers. Hundreds of EVgo charging stations include a built-in Tesla connector, but you can also use an adapter at any of our stations. With the new CCS Combo 1 adapter that was just released in the U.S., you can access charging speeds up to 250 kW. (The CCS Combo 1 adapter is compatible with most Tesla vehicles on the road, but make sure to log into your Tesla account to check if you can buy one for your model.)

Best of all, with the Tesla CCS Combo 1 adapter, Tesla drivers are now eligible to enroll in EVgo Autocharge+. With Autocharge+, you can start a charge by simply plugging in, no tapping, no cards needed. Just plug in and power up, making charging faster and easier. Learn more about EVgo Autocharge+.

hand on ccs1 adapter

To charge on the go with EVgo using an integrated Tesla connector or a CCS Combo 1 adapter, there are three easy ways to find a station near you:

  1. Use the EVgo App – Download the app, click the “Filter” icon, choose the “Tesla” connector option (or the “CCS” connector if you have your CCS Combo 1 adapter), and press apply. Then use the search tool to find all nearby EVgo stations your selected connector(s). With the EVgo app, you can monitor your charging session in real time, see the charging speed, and say goodbye to Tesla idle fees.

    use the evgo app image

  2. Use Your Tesla Navigation System – Select the double lightning bolt icon under “Charging” in your navigation system. You should see EVgo stations nearby (we’re the only third-party fast charging network included in Tesla nav).

    Checking for EVgo stations with Tesla navigation

  3. Use the PlugShare App – If you’ve got the PlugShare app, select the “Tesla” plug option (or “CCS” connector if you have your CCS Combo 1 adapter), choose EVgo as your network and you’ll see all the EVgo stations in your area with the right connectors.

    Checking for EVgo stations with PlugShare app

On top of the EVgo network being powered by 100% renewable energy, EVgo customers can also earn points through EVgo Rewards. Each time you charge your vehicle at EVgo you earn points, and you can then redeem those points for free charging credit.

Download the EVgo app, set up an account, and give EVgo a go – I promise you won’t be sorry!